Selection of musical compositions for the wedding is an essential part of preparing for the celebration. Of course, you can always rely on the taste of your DJ, but as you know: “If you want to do better, do it yourself.” Music is a fantastic way for your wedding day to create a mood for intimate moments, such as ceremony and speeches, or to start a party when the informal part begins! However, when it comes to picking songs, most couples hire a wedding DJ to make the wedding unforgettable. Not every couple has its own special favorite song that would be suitable for the wedding. If you have problems with choosing a romantic composition and all wedding songs, and you urgently need inspiration and ideas, we will be happy to help you with this article. The times when couples traditionally danced the wedding waltz are long gone, and many kinds of music styles are performed by the wedding DJ for the modern bride and groom now.

DJs should draw the playlist with the songs that remind your relationship, remembers your most beautiful memories or maybe a sweet melody. Also, there are several similarities when it comes to choosing a wedding song.


DJs should keep in mind that…



Your DJ should draw a playlist, taking into account the followings:

  1. Song to meet the bride and groom (if it will be held indoors)
  2. Background tunes for guests awaiting the ceremony
  3. Songs for the ceremony (for bridesmaids and groomsmen friends)
  4. Background songs for the congratulations of the young couples and the presentation of gifts after the ceremony
  5. Song for the first appearance of newly-made spouses in the hall
  6. Dance songs for the wedding
  7. Song for the first dance of the bride and groom
  8. Song for the bride dance with her father
  9. Melodies are accompanying the conduct of ceremonies: lighting the family hearth, removing the veil, throwing a bouquet and garter, cutting the cake, etc.


Let’s start our top-10 wedding songs journey!




It’s time to collect the top 10 songs should be in everyone’s wedding playlist in 2019. DJs draw a new list of beautiful songs to make the guests on the dance floor. If you are looking favorite wedding songs of recent years, take a look with special attention to the last twelve months. They are favorites on the dance floor, and some are a bit unexpected. A mix of old and some new tracks are the best wedding songs of 2019.


What about dynamic dance songs?


90% of the songs which DJ adds into the playlist for the wedding banquet must be compelling. The music must be rhythmic so that it would be convenient to move to the beat under it. And only 10% of the songs are usually diverted to slow dancing.

You do not need to create a playlist for a few hours on your own – limit to 20-30 compositions that you would like to hear at your wedding. This will help the DJ to understand what style of music you prefer and make a suitable playlist for the entire banquet.

The choice of a song for the first dance of the youth is a task over which the groom and the bride reflect on more than others. Also, Wedding DJ should add the songs into the playlist must fit every taste.

If you have your own song, ask your DJ to add to the playlist. If it is not, we suggest listening to our favorite options. Here is a list below which consists of slow dance music and also dynamic dance music:


1. Bruno Mars “Marry You”

As if Bruno Mars wrote this song consisting of positive tune that will make your guests move in the wedding dance floor. Also, it is an ideal option to demonstrate your love to each other. So, ask your Wedding DJ include this song to your playlist.


2. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful

Let’s imagine the wedding reception which the first dance of young couple begins with the song of the mysterious Lana Del Rey – the soundtrack to the “Great Gatsby” – is a story about love, which understands the transience of time, accepts the inevitability of old age, and which is carried throughout life. It is an excellent idea if you want to give a message to each other like after some time when we lose our youth, will you keep loving me?


3. Michael Buble – Everything

Finally, I want to offer you a not slow song. Now we are offering you this composition – full of the kindest words, sincere feelings and compliments! “You are every line, you are every word, you are my everything!”

4. Train – Marry Me

Another great song with beautiful words, we can offer is Marry Me by Train. This song is a great way to include a ballad in a mix.

5. Christina Aguilera – Say Something

It is an emotional song about self-giving in relationships, about being ready to follow each other, that we are still learning how to love. This is an amazing song for slow dance lovers.


6. Camila Cabello – Havana

Are you searching for the song, which will make your guests get out of their seats? Pick this amazing song. This song is considered one of the hottest songs of 2017.


7. Bryce Vine – Drew Barrymore

This song is one of the hottest tunes of the year and quickly becoming a favorite song for weddings. You can’t resist to this moving, and you will find yourself dancing.


8. The Weekend (feat. Daft Punk) – I Feel It Coming

If you are thinking to offer this song to your DJ don’t change your mind. It is an excellent choice for the DJ entertainment of your guests and the biggest songs of 2018.


9. Avicii – Wake Me Up

If you hear this song, means go to the dance floor. Feel its tune and begin to dance. Don’t worry! It is guaranteed your guests will like it.


10. “One Kiss” by Dua Lipa

It is the best song to pick up the tempo on the dance floor. Though it is considered as a summer song, people still love this song.


Important tasks should consider for DJ and also young couples…

Choosing music for the first dance, you should first decide – what dance style you are ready to master! If you do not have a favorite and iconic song for the first dance, first choose a style. If there is a song that symbolizes your relationship, consult with DJs, they will realize your dreams.

The groom first appears in the passage and takes his place. He can come alone or in the company of his friends. Wedding DJ should choose the song which is more dynamic and “masculine.”

The bride’s arrival is one of the most touching moments at the wedding. A girl in a dazzling snow-white outfit is slowly walking down the aisle towards her future husband. Guests turn around and admire their eyes wide. To make this moment even more unforgettable will help correctly selected music. We offered you TOP-10 wedding songs which butterflies in the stomach and tears on the cheeks of your guests are guaranteed! Choose the Best Wedding DJ who will draw for you a playlist and let your wedding be on the list of beautiful modern weddings.


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