Event photography is not as easy as it seems. It is also quite tedious. First of all, to get a good photo, a good photographer, director, and planner assistant are needed. But if you want to be an event photographer, you might think that you can do it smoothly and quite fun. There are multiple tips, and you need to do your best planning for them and many situations that you should consider. If you want to do this smoothly and well, you can learn how to do it later. Event photography is one of the most difficult and entertaining among the photography branches in San Francisco. Photographers are trying to capture the moment with natural light transfer the most beautiful frames of our events to us. So what are the 12 tips of professional event photography service in San Francisco? How should I shoot? What is the secret of successful photos? Let’s look together.

12 Tips For Expert Event Photography

Learn to be patient!

Event Photography

When you have to work with more than one person, it may not be that easy. You have to be patient with every situation. Before taking a photo, you must adjust their position correctly before taking a picture of the family, group or individuals. You should also make them feel comfortable. Try taking a lot of photos because you’re going to choose between shooting. Press the shutter button more, and it can sometimes be difficult to capture photos on the computer. The more photos you have in your hand, the better you can choose.

Don’t forget to identify the time and place

This point determines the quality and the beauty of the photo as well as the time and place where the photo is taken at the same time. If you want to take beautiful photos, you have to choose good times and places. Make a careful choice to prevent shadows from making your photo dark and bad. Even though the smallest details seem to be insignificant, but they can be decisive for the quality and beauty of the photo. Be sure to check out the weather before setting the time and space for the photo shooting.

Adjust the lighting well

Consider this aspect no matter where you are shooting. The important thing is that your lighting is well done. It may be odd that you should take flash photography outdoors. When you shoot with flash, you even illuminate the shadows left in the photos you take. If you have a window in the place you are shooting, you can soften the hard light that enters the windows by covering the sheets.


Let the photos be fun


Event Photography

How well can a sulky people look at the photo? Make them look as fun as possible. The angles and positions of the members of the events are important factors that determine the quality and beauty of the photos. Photos can be more fun if members are posing, laughing, playing games.

The quality of your camera is important

The more important compared with the elements mentioned above is to have a better quality camera which will affect the quality of your photos. For this reason, you need to have a good camera as possible to get excellent quality photos. You can take great photos even with a medium-quality camera that doesn’t overdo it. You can hire any event photography company in San Francisco, but make sure to check their dedication first, as the spiritual value of photography is one of the elements that will add the same percentage to the photo.

Wedding Story Shots

If you want to make a difference with the event photography service at your wedding in San Francisco, it’s essential to catch the right frame at the right time. The first time the bride and groom saw each other, the faces that emerged from the bursts that exploded, a father watching his daughter with sad eyes, and all the details that you should shoot.

There must be at least two photographers in the story shoot. For example, when the bride and groom are photographed at the moment of the marriage, the feelings of their families should be reflected in the photographs from the other lens.

Capture weak moments

Event Photography

Event photo shots are more impressive when they are unprepared, like portrait photographs. You can capture successful event photos by following the moments when people and the subject are not aware of you, and these photos are the most natural. You may even have to forget about your presence even with modeled shots. Impressiveness in photographs is directly proportional to the subject being unprepared.


One of the essential photography techniques is exposure. Exposure is the process of recording light through a machine. Aperture and shutter speed should be used well for correct exposure adjustment. The aperture determines how fast the light enters the sensor or the film, and the amount of time it comes. Balanced use of these two elements provides accurate exposure.

What about the colors?

Emotional master in the frame, to focus on posture, it is necessary to diminish the colors and clarify the subject. Sometimes colors go back and the only moment remains. Move away from the colors and focus on the main subject and the photo. Sometimes the colors emphasize something so striking that you want to give the effect completely on colors. The photo says I must be colorful.

Background in the photo is fundamental

Keep in mind what is about your subject. Do not take a picture of the entire area around the subject. For example, imagine that you are taking photos of the bride and groom at the wedding and you want to show their love to each other in the photo. Look around that place you take their pictures are not messy and dirty area. Isolate your subject in the simple background you find or your photos may look unpleasant.

Take account your customer’s need and expectations

Event Photography

It is a critical point which should be considered by professional event photography companies in San Francisco. To have excellent communication will be helpful for you to identify the needs of the customer. Firstly ask following questions:

  • What is your event?
  • What kind of photos would you like to have?
  • What moments do you prefer?
  • What is your style?
  • What are your dreams related to your event?
  • What are your limits?

By having a conversation with your client make sure you had comprehensive answers to all your question. Don’t ignore dreams and wishes even the smallest of them! Also, speak with the event organizer if your client hired one.

Don’t forget that taking pictures is not easy!

Like many creative activities, event photography seems to be a straightforward matter exactly until you do it yourself. For example, they are playing musical instruments, dancing, singing. You look at a professional dancer and think: “how can he do everything and naturally? It seems that there is nothing difficult! I will be able to do the same! ”But when you try to do at least a couple of dance movements on your own, it turns out that it is not so simple: at least, you need specialized training.

The same is with the event photo: with seeming simplicity, it is quite tricky in event photography as well. After all, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Moreover, both technical (how to set up the camera, for example), and creative (how to frame the frame, how to choose the appropriate lighting). Sometimes it comes to issues that seem to be indirectly related to event photography in San Francisco. For example, birthday party, wedding, family holidays or associated business activities and etc… All these events require professionalism from an event photographer.



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