When your marriage preparations are in full swing, finding the best wedding DJ that will make your wedding day magnificent can be challenging. Your DJ searches start with googling “Best Wedding DJs near me,” and in a few minutes, the complete list of DJs is on your computer screen. Every single couple wants to see the most experienced DJs in their wedding party. Supposedly, every guest will look for the DJ who can create a friendly and warm atmosphere in the ceremony and it is the DJ’s responsibility to create this atmosphere. In this article, I am going to talk about DJs whom everybody can call as “the best wedding DJs near me” but before jumping into the topic I feel the urge to write about some criteria that you must look for in DJs.

Choosing the best DJ

Wedding DJs near me

The client must select the best wedding DJs for his/her guests. The DJ must reflect several characteristics such as being highly responsive to the messages and music recommendations. In one Quora question, it was asked about the best DJs in the Bay Area, and one reply was about Quantum. Quantum worked for the success of the company and had always left with a good impression.

A good DJ should have several characteristics, like introducing a sequence of music that makes everybody dance, to excite them and scratch memories into everybody’s mind. It is hard to forget an ambient, even while listening to songs from youtube, a good playlist energizes you. And you develop a mindset that “only I will get excited by the best Wedding DJs near me.”

The couple looks for a DJ that has such abilities, while DJs must get accustomed to those criteria. Our team summarized some good traits of DJs.

Traits of the best DJs

With doing things below, every DJ can be called “the best Wedding DJs near me.” Here I will introduce the special talents of our DJs. I have to mention that every one of them has all of the mentioned traits.

Mr. DJ Marcus thinks that it is important to play famous songs

Wedding DJs near me

He thinks that it is a little bit of personal issue, but the customer reviews demonstrated that guests feel like at home when played songs are known to them. “When everybody chills out and gets thrilling excitement, like when an electron moves from one upper energy level to lower one, in the case they are chanting. And people only can sing if they know the song”. He observed that most of the people know Rihanna and Beyonce very well, and those artists will create a vibration on the wedding hall. Sometimes he uses songs like “Don’t be so shy” by Imany to help the couple deal with introverts. He says, “I think songs at the wedding party must be Intergenerational.”

Mr. Marcus takes into account that most visitors who visit the wedding party are young. But he is aware that adultery songs will make others, like the elders and kids, feel excluded. So if one couple wants his guests to be happy and leave with good memories should mind everybody’s taste of music. AKA THE VERB feels that finding a common taste is only possible with following some trends. For example, if the DJ deserves to be known as “The best Wedding DJs near me” he should follow trending lines in social networks, to understand which generation listens to what. The general trend is pop music, and it will ease DJs job. Some artists stay in the first tenth of the youtube trending as they are worth listened by the audience.

“Personalization is another important issue” – DJ Halo says

He understands that every bride has its standards for the best wedding party. It is a kind of simple action to bring the same songs to every single wedding party. Mr. Halo says, “It will make you feel bored with the work you are doing after a while.” “I always ask for suggestions from the bride, because the bride is the main manager of the wedding day to list their favorite songs.” Halo thinks “Being the best DJ requires a little bit of hard work. You can’t manage the party with a few songs from the bride. You need to search for alternatives that are in the same genre and listened by the viewers of the first song.

Dr. Alex Storm is selective about the song choice, and he knows where to play what

Wedding DJs

He said that the wedding party should not start with fast songs. It is like when someone wants to enjoy something by taking his time, and you make that person hurry up. It won’t work like that. And the last song choice is another critical issue.” It is always important to not spoil in the start and the end for leaving a great impression on people”, commented Mr. Alex. So the last music choice can be a little bit iterative. Only experienced DJs like Dr. Alex know how to finish the party with genuine feelings.

DJ Quantum knows that bride and groom dance has particular importance

“This section of the wedding involves different sorts of music.” At the same time, DJ Quantum knows that the guests would be bored with the overloading of the same genre of songs. “It is common knowledge that fast songs will make everybody dance their spines down including the couple.” However, it is essential to administer some songs with saxophone to let the dust down and allow guests to gather some energy and galvanize themselves again.

Does DJ Quantum talk at all?

After listing critical details of Mr. Quantum, it is essential to swipe of some misconceptions. People always think DJs talk a lot. But one should understand that he determines the flow of the party, when to dance, who to wish for and almost everything. DJs get overwhelmed almost after all parties, they ask people to talk about the bride and the groom, how they met, what memories do they have and similar things that do not carry any essence in itself, but serving for warming up the atmosphere.

And it is DJs responsibility to make every individual feel cared, so that becomes unavoidable to ask everyone in person. If there are several introverts, then DJ Quantum works harder to shake them up, pull words out of their mouth.

So the notion of talkative DJ Quantum is bound to some reasons that otherwise would be impossible to help everybody to get involved in the process.


Why one of our DJs, not a band?


Wedding DJsTowards the end of the article, I want to answer one of the fundamental questions. Why should you hire a DJ, not a band?

The google search of Wedding DJs near me will only give you answers related to DJs and people’s priority list. And even maybe about what differs them from others, what is so unique about them. But you have another choice, A Band.

  • The DJ is flexible. The band is situated in one place, and their set up is complicated to carry from one side to another. But DJ has a fewer instrument. You could set up it in reception, dance floor anywhere and anytime you want.
  • The band covers a limited amount of genres. They have one prior music genre, let’s say rock and play on it mainly. After a while, it irritates people, and they get bored unless they are all rock lovers. But DJ jumps from one genre to another plays on different sound emotions, echoes back and forth.
  • The DJ can entertain everybody. Once someone wished a dreamy wish, the experienced DJ can correlate one song with this wish. It does not matter in what language it is, and when did the music play. Bands, on the other hand, are limited to the human factor. Even if you are a musician, you cannot remember all 1970’s song, Glenn Miller would not stick in your memory at all.

We hope that you got a really satisfactory answer to your question of finding “best Wedding DJs near me.”


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