Your life’s most important day is almost around the corner. Maybe you’ve already reserved the best hall, the perfect photographer, picked out a beautiful wedding dress and sharp looking smoothies. What did you forget? Oh… that’s right, for the reception you need ENTERTAINMENT! NOT a DJ only. To organize a good event, you need to search for the best ones. The best way to hold a terrible wedding is to call every DJ in your phone book, ask for their price, and hire the low-priced wedding DJs. Everyone wants to hire the best wedding DJs in the Bay Area for their wedding, but finding the right and affordable one is a tough task.

Experienced DJs / MCs can even take a wedding coordinator’s place because they had organized events like yours before. Your DJ should have the desired level of energy to make all you’ve ever imagined in your party.  Hiring a good DJ with the right skillset might seem a tough challenge for you but here are some tips which will help you to avoid the main mistakes couples often do.

For you to have the best wedding ever, wedding songs are the most critical part of the ceremony. When planning an event, make sure the hired DJ is the right choice. By checking their career passion, asking about backup plans and discovering their unique style, you will be able to scan in your mind which DJ you should choose. This will help you to find the right one for your special day. Once a DJ is found to be compatible with the couple, the wedding is sure will become magical and enjoyable as it’s supposed to be.


Hence, we know how hard it’s to find the best wedding DJs in the Bay Area, but with the tips below it will be easier for you to find them out.


1. Find a DJ at the reception that does more than just playing music.



Although you have a playlist, you have to be careful about choosing a DJ. It would be better to hire someone good at mixing music. How difficult can it be? The truth is, that’s not too hard at all. For the best wedding DJs, music should be the easy part. Today, most brides and grooms are looking for a lot of dancing at their wedding. And that’s very obvious that like everyone you also want a legit DJ who can make your wedding best possible. If you’re going to hire the best wedding DJs in the Bay Area, it might be challenging a little bit but no worries we are on the way to help you.

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2. Discuss timelines



You’ll want your wedding DJ to make announcements and play music. What you should also consider is a DJ that will take it even further. The good wedding DJs know how to create and run a fascinating wedding timeline that will cover all the details — things like checking in with your bride and groom.

Always meet before signing any agreement with your prospective DJ / MC!

That’s truly important! A DJ that doesn’t offer to meet you doesn’t care about your event’s success, and they’re probably more interested in getting your money! Make sure that the DJ you meet at your event is the one that will perform. Some firms don’t know who’s going to do what events until the day they happen. Your wedding day is NOT an excellent time to meet your DJ.

Everyone knows that best wedding DJs in the Bay Area are booked up and hard to hire due to high demand. That’s why do your homework in advance.

Another way is to call different DJ or entertainment companies and find out which will do the best job for you! You should prefer finding the right person, instead of focusing on price. Always remember your reason to charge quality DJ. In the meantime, if you think that you found the best DJ for your reception ask these questions. Could you possibly tell me your free times?  What kind of events are you specialized in?

Also, we have the list of wedding DJs in the Bay Area at the end of the article, where you can look through.


3. Think well before hiring.



Hire a wedding  DJ team of two people. A team that consists of an MC and a DJ is the best choice. Playing music and running a wedding ceremony at the same time it is impossible for one person. Formalities can be announced from behind the platforms, but don’t be surprised if the solo DJ talent you hired for the reception to focus on the music is a little overwhelmed by the crowd.

Of course, every DJ has a special style. Nevertheless, the appearance at a wedding party in dimensionless jeans and a baseball cap with a visor back is not always appropriate. A good DJ at the wedding will respect the recommended dress code and dress accordingly.

Brought equipment must be clean, neat and modern. The myriad of cables that inevitably accompany the DJ equipment, if desired, can be beautifully disguised. His video evaluates appearance and attitude of the candidate to the aesthetic side of the case.

Most importantly people like you search for the best wedding DJs; you can find them by only checking our website.


4.   Keep in mind the all-in-one.



Generally speaking, any company that offers a lot of services like photography, video, DJ entertainment, decorations, etc. all in one package is a great idea to implement on. For your wedding ceremony & cocktail hour, your DJ should be able to provide you with music, as well as lighting and sound effects for your event.

How reliable is my DJ?

As in the field of wedding services and, in particular, there is high competition, and you will find a painstaking search for the best candidates. Pay attention to the quality of the service of DJ, the availability of portfolios, videos, and reviews from past weddings.


5. Know what to expect, and know what not to.




Best wedding DJs in the Bay Area get booked up far in advance because people are ready to pay for the best service every time. Make sure you don’t wait too long to secure a DJ with just 52 weekends a year to perform from the 100s of requests they receive each year. Unless you want the best, you should wait for your turn.

Who does not like to play music and look at happy faces for a decent fee? It would seem an obvious and stupid question. Passion, selfless love of music distinguishes a great DJ from just good. No matter what mood or how many wedding parties he spent in a week – dance music makes the DJ really happy!

Most importantly the wedding is ultimately about YOU. You have to choose a DJ that fits your tastes and desires and personality. The tips presented above can give you a blueprint and direction in selecting the best wedding DJs.If you want your wedding to be unforgettable be prepared and don’t hesitate to contact us.

In conclusion, 

If you decide to celebrate the wedding in a big way, in a chic restaurant and invited a large number of guests, then the question arises: how to make guests not get bored, and of course, think about the need to invite the right DJ to such a celebration. A professional DJ will compile an entertainment program, set the mood of the holiday and create the necessary spiritual atmosphere. Find us, we will help you to choose the best wedding DJs in the Bay Area.



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