Many couples decide to marry after a long relationship. But it is costly and causes you spending money for a day, that will be memorized after many years. Many factors depending on how creative the couple or mainly bride is and what was their dream celebration like. Wedding DJ cost is another factor that contributes to the expenses of the wedding reception in San Francisco. Everyone wants to have a wedding party exciting enough to give the feeling of comfort, enjoyment, and pleasant to their guests. According to statistics from 2016, the standard wedding DJ cost in San Francisco is $43.000. Still, decorations, flash lightning, the location of the event matters and would propel limits o expenses further enough, sometimes unaffordable. Even in San Francisco costs are higher relative to other states.

The first thing is to determine the place, whether, in your home yard, beach or anywhere that carries special meaning for you. Here we have listed factors which are crucial while thinking about your wedding and their contribution to your wedding DJ cost in San Francisco.

Factors to consider


wedding DJ cost in San Francisco

The average cost of the venue for the wedding party is between $12.000 and $15.000. Decorations, wedding lighting, DJ services and similar things exempt from this cost. Meals are included as well. Mainly places can be historical places, museum and in recent years there is a trend toward public gardens and backyards. The cheapest place for the wedding is event centers. Having a ceremony in casual event center would cause between $2000 and $23.000. The highest ranked site is hotels and resorts that can cost you $73.000 and the amusements in those locations are due to the quality of meals. Historical places attracted new clients in the last decades. $4.000 is the lowest possible money for positions carry historical essence.

The Telegraph says that couples tend to have more traditional events. The dominance in doing traditional weddings demonstrates itself in an increasing number of garden weddings. People tend to feel how their parents engaged and started their long journey together. “ It was forbidden in 1836, to have open-air garden ceremonies,” said Christopher Hope, the writer in the Telegraph “and through that long time regulations changed and this type of weddings is becoming casual”. Additional points to highlight:

Gardens are more comfortable than closed places. Open – air wedding trend is extending. A decision of having marriage in the garden has mostly been influenced by the love of both bride and groom. Gardens are beautiful if you planted some flowers around your yard. With this kind of garden, you will need less decoration and nature will cheer up for your party.

And almost everybody, include your guests want to listen to music and watch stars while leaning on the grass. And that would be your present to your friends, and as it is described in old stories, “you will dance under a bright moon and light wind.” But you need to know that if you want to have a wedding in your backyard or garden, you need to arrange the meal yourself or with the organization took responsibility for the high-quality wedding party. You will pay at least $7.000 for the garden wedding according to 2016 statistics. The cost of a Wedding DJ is related to the wedding venue in San Francisco, and some places like hotels offer the package of whole-wedding costs.


wedding DJ cost in San Francisco

Wedding catering costs mainly depend on drinks and food. Everyone wants his guests to be happy and take every single chance to cheer up for themselves. A hungry friend would not be as pleased as the party organizers wish to and most probably it will not be a funny memory of them. The average American couple spends $4.100 for their party, and it is possible to scratch the moments inside your guests’ mind.

What can be involved in catering costs?


It is your first choice whether your meals will be served on a plate or open buffet. With this, you can roughly estimate how much the meal will contribute to the cost of the wedding DJ. A greater variety in your meals costs you more money. You have to sort out what will be served in a cocktail party (when everyone can only hear their name) and as a main meal.


Most probably beverages will capture the second biggest portion of your spendings and would include exciting drinks as well.


If you are partying in your garden the company which organizes the event would provide staff. Here include cookers, bartenders, waiters, and other servants.

Things that you rent:

Tables, couches and similar things you need to rent for your party. If you are wealthy enough to have a wedding party at resorts, you do not need to concern about rentals, because most of them supply temporary furniture for your wedding.


Reception is the first place where your guests will feel the happy atmosphere, and it is your will to order everything to make an astonishing first impression. A variety of decorations and songs can be considered while thinking about your wedding reception. There are millions of ideas to make your wedding reception the greatest of all, and as every single entity, it depends how creative you are.


wedding DJ cost in San Francisco

If your guests cannot excite without a single drip of an alcohol having bar would be an interesting idea. The bar can be a full open bar, a limited open bar, and a cash bar. In the cash bar option, your guests pay for their drinks. For another two choices, the host or organizer incur for the drinks.


No matter where you decided to celebrate your wedding ceremony, honors will be in the front lines of the list. And decorations is the place where dreams of the bride and the groom can come true. Even they cannot celebrate that day in the Hawaii islands. Lights and decorations may substitute the Hawaii scene, at least in pictures. The cost of wedding DJ would damage your dream to some extent because it is higher enough in San Francisco. But as long as you do not party in the Golden Gate, your decorations can be budget friendly.

“The Insider” says that a couple spends an average of $2.000 for the wedding decorations. If you are thinking about photobooth or a flipbook then, wedding decorations matter a lot. No one would surely want to seem like an alien in the wedding party and wants to attend as well. As party organizers, a couple or their supporters, parents, and friends should do everything to beautify the day further.         

DJ services

wedding DJ cost in San Francisco

Wedding DJ cost is not higher in comparison with other costs in San Francisco. Depends on how experienced the Dj is your expense changes. If a DJ is working as a part-time worker and sees this job as a hobby or side-work, then he probably will not demand more than $400. The most qualified DJs will ask for at least $2.500. This class of DJs will ask about your wedding playlist but will correctly order songs. The professional DJs can change the flaw of the ceremony by songs in a different tempts. And some DJs are affordable for every couple, and their professionalism is moderate and can make your guests at home. And if you want to hire a band with five members, you should consider paying at least $2.000.


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