Do you imagine a wedding without an enjoyable wedding photo booth ideas? If you are looking for unusual and outstanding images from that particular day, we pick up some photo booth ideas for you. These ideas will help you create a great atmosphere. Also, they are a great way to save the most expected moments of your life. Funny and stunning photo booth help you keep that special moment for lifespan. So do not overlook wedding photo booth ideas as they could be essential for your unique moments. Take lots of photos and enjoy your new life stage. Ensure that guests will appreciate your incredible efforts. Photo booth ideas also help you to get rid of boring photographing all of the guests.

Which kind of photo booth is the best choice?

There are a lot of wedding photo booth ideas, and we present the best 15 wedding photo booth ideas. These ideas are the best solution for capturing beautiful memories of your life.

So, there is various type of choices related to the photo booth, and you could choose any of them. Let’s get know some of them. Maybe one of these ideas will be your choice.

Classic always trendy


A vintage photo booth is still fashionable. This kind of choice is a good idea to keep everything together, and the majority of people prefer a classic style. So do not hesitate if you are a perfect lover.

The framed wall will make your special day enjoyable

In modern life, the majority of the couples are looking for excellent photo booth ideas. In this case, a wall framed holes could be a great way to create amazing photos. Also, you could add some other elements like a curtain or other objects which will make pictures funnier.

Some couples prefer vintage wedding style, and the refurbished caravan is the best alternative as a perfect background for photos. Redecorate and renovate taxi is another excellent option for the traditional and vintage wedding photo booth.

Frame is lifesavers

Thinking of outdoor wedding rather than polaroid frames could be a great option for your wedding photos. Simple, but elegant-this phrase a fantastic fit for such kind of alternatives. Besides, frames with white borders are loved by many people. Frames are an excellent choice as it is easy to change them with a few touches like design with glitters. Also, taking them from one place to another does not require a lot of effort. Most of people use text, and these simple details make the pictures stunning and unforgettable.

Do you want to synthesize modern and traditional photo booth?



An inflatable photo booth is a magnificent choice! If you are looking for creative ideas, do not lose your time in vain. The inflatable photo booth could be the solution to your problem related to wedding photos. This type of photo booth has different shapes and styles which help you organize an unforgettable day. The multiple choice of these photo booths helps you enjoy the special day.

Create your own theme scenery photo booth

Some people are for minimalistic wedding organization while the other couples opt to create their environment. So, if you belong to the second category, then theme scenery photo booth is for you. There are a variety of options for this photo booth. For instance, you can organize such kind of scene by yourself or get professional help. First of all, you should choose the theme you want to see at your wedding venue. Then get components to create the scene based on the idea. Theme based scene photo booth will get all attention.

Creative and cheap wedding photo booth idea- chalkboard


Yes, you got right, we talk about the blackboard. You could use the chalkboard as a wedding photo booth and create a traditional atmosphere which gives you a chance to be memorable. Besides, you can cover the simple blackboard with texture and bright decoration. Another right side of this photo booth idea is it does not require lots of effort, and also you can change background text in every photo shoot. So, this idea is simple yet let’s accept looks gorgeous.

Modern wedding organization requires modern photo booth ideas

In today’s life, drones become popular, and most of the people use them with great pleasure. So, as modern technology pieces, drones are the best choice for modern wedding organizations. You can get stunning pics from the air with the help of an individual operator. Of course, aerial shots will change photo booth trends for the next years. As taking images of posing guests is impossible with other types of technology devices.

Retro style wedding photo booth ideas

If you want to create a retro style on your special day buttercup bus is a perfect choice. Most of the wedding organizations own such kind of retro model cars, or you could rent a retro model car or bus and reimburse it with different decorative items. We guarantee the best result, especially the funny and enjoyable pics.

Specially designed background ideas

This kind of wedding photo booth always trendy and looks gorgeous. Most of the couples opt unique designed background for vintage wedding organizations. Majority of the wedding planners also recommend this type of photo booth as it looks natural and attractive. For example, you can choose a background with flowers or photos which seems very original and excellent.

Social media is the best than any photo booth

Some people want extraordinary things on their particular day. If you are looking for something new then social media hashtag might be your lifesaver. So you can set up a specific hashtag for your wedding, and by using that hashtag, people could share pics with you. The advantage of this option is that you can see all the photos in real time. Also, using a laptop connection, you may show pictures to your guests like a slideshow.

The instant camera is the simplest way to take photos

It is also a good idea, as many people could make their pictures by themselves and enjoy that moment.

Write a personal message


It is another specific idea for a wedding photo booth. Speech bubbles give the guest a chance to provide their wishes about the groom and bride, and as an organizer of the wedding ceremony, you could use them as a background for pics.

Hanging frames from trees

This type of photo booth also looks nice and give a specific look at the wedding photos. You can create this environment by yourself. For instance, it eases to find frames or make by yourself.

Selfie Station

Some people prefer a simple but attractive wedding design. In this case, an iPad on a tripod could be a perfect decision and solution for your wedding photo booth ideas. The iPad attached on the tripod help you capture different hundreds of pics. You can change the selfie studio with various pieces of equipment and decoration elements. If you confuse with all of these options, we recommend getting professional assistance of wedding planners and organizations. Our company also provides all type of wedding services to make your special day stunning.


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