Weddings are the turning points of our life. After years we remember exciting moments from the event with photos, videos, and flipbooks. Are flipbooks so important? Umm, yes, in a way that flipbook is a new trend in memory items of special events in the Bay Area. Flipbook is a book made from many pictures from the wedding ceremony.  BluEdge’s Flipbook service is a chance for your guests to show off, let themselves a dose of adrenalin by having an amazing time at your wedding. Flipbooks are what make modern weddings more interesting. It is a chance for your guests to find themselves in a place where they always wanted to be like close enough to the sun not to be burn at all.  


How do we create a flipbook?

We provide a number of services to the residents of the Bay Area for their parties, meetings with old friends and coworkers. One of them is a custom photo flipbook which we create during the special events or wedding ceremony. There are several steps for creating an astonishing flipbook in Bay Area, San – Francisco.

  • During your party, we provide photographing to your guests;
  • Those who want to have flipbook take pictures and videos;
  • After a short video, we create a flipbook for you or guests;
  • The costumer customizes and approves photos to be used in his/her flipbook;
  • It takes only 90 seconds to wait for your action flipbook;
  • A flipbook consisting of 10×10 paper is presented to you.




All of our services are designed for your enjoyment, and we intend to make your parties unforgettable. One more thing about our flipbook service in the Bay Area is that we can offer every single font you wish to have. For example, if you have always wanted to dance with your partner on the moon, with the acoustics which is the newest of its kind, it is possible.

We offer flipbooks that could influence you in a way that you never thought. Do you want to chill out with having a moonwalk? And do you want to seem like Michael Jackson? We can animate it in 90 seconds. Our services will be 2-3 hours long, just a small portion of your party. However, we are sure you will keep flipbooks all your life long.


The reasons to choose BluEdge Flipbook service in the Bay Area


  • Flipbooks involve many small sheets of paper. They are small enough that you can carry in your pocket.
  • They are customizable. BluEdge Weddings‘ flipbooks are designed based on your willings
  • They are fast and do not make you wait long. We create 45 – 60 flipbooks per hour.  
  • They are like animations and are arranged according to synchronous actions
  • They carry emotions on a broader spectrum than pictures.  
  • A flipbook is a way to make your meetings, parties unforgettable.
  • They are suitable for any event. Are you concerned about formal meetings? We supply a variety of fonts so that you can gather them as a sign of your reliability and work experience. Let’s say you are a team of entrepreneurs and won breakfast with one influential businessman and have a chance to prove yourself in a way that you are prospective co-operator of this company. BluEdge Flipbook service in Bay Area is suitable for you to leave an influence on the company.
  • We offer a great green screen for residents of the Bay Area that is mainly used in casting. You choose your poses, and we take a short video. In less than 90 seconds, you see yourself on the moon exploring or in Amazon dealing with dangerous alligators or in Australia with kangaroos.


Are flipbooks only for weddings?

One more importance of flipbooks that always being underestimated or misrepresented by the consumers is that they can be used as subsidizing elements to contact detail cards. It is particularly an essential tip for business people of the Bay Area. Let’s say you are the company and sell many services and products.  A flipbook involves taking pictures of your meetings, seminars or any other events that you think are special and it will make you represent your company just in a few minutes. To be a spokesperson is not an easy job and usually, all representatives want to present a tool for consumers to explore their services after the meeting.



If the company wants to attract new customers and at the same time to recruit new office workers, a convention can take place. Conventions are a collaboration of many people by one particular company in order to extend its influence area and have new offers for people. In every single day, you can see firms that have conventions for particular people.

Book publishers call for conferences to see what their visitors love and what genre of books would bring a lot of money to them. In that kind of events, flipbook could be a great method to take a survey about readers wills. With our green screen method, you can determine which books draw more attention to calculating the number of requests for determined characters. Let’s say if many people want to have superhero image flipbook, it is a sign that you will earn much money with publishing comics.

Fundraisers can benefit from flipbook services in the Bay Area as well. To inform everybody about your new project for building up a fund for homeless people would be represented in flipbooks.

Graduations. As you know, the university is a burden and graduating it has to be considered as a success. To graduate from the university and not to party about it? Would you like to have a pocketbook that collects pictures of your classmates? Flipbooks are versatile enough to fit in the graduation parties

And much more, it all depends on your creativity, ideas, and design of the event.

Do you know that we offer a wide range of services for you to enjoy? To hear the best songs at the wedding and let your guests feel at home is what every couple dreams about. Our DJs will pick you to dance tunes from the 70s – 80s, which will make everybody live nostalgic feelings. All of a sudden, you would hear the Bee Gees to sing “How deep is your love” when you are dancing with the bride. It sounds touchy, isn’t it? But here you are, we can create your dreaming atmosphere at your wedding with our DJ service.


Did you find a place for your wedding party but not satisfied with flashes of lightning? Or do you want to decorate your house for a graduation party, but you do not have any experience, and at the same time, you want everything to scratch in guests memory? You can utilize our decoration services, from lighting to small decorative items.

If you want to order flipbook or you have a special event, convention, a party in the Bay Area you can get in touch with us by filling out a form. For unconventional offers, like meetings with scientists, project compilation party and exciting kids with fun decorations, let us know about your preferences, expectations. All we wish is to serve you in the most decent manner to satisfy you.


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