In this post, we are going to cover video production services in the Bay Area. Video formats are very different, and they have a lot of names. Therefore, not every video producer can make any video. The rule also applies to photography. If you wanted to hire someone to develop software for your company, you probably would not employ a novelist or a writer because the person needed for this job is a professional in developing software. The same thing goes for video production services in the Bay Area. Not every video maker can be the best at making any movie. Thus, it might be hard for many people to decide who to hire for the job. Even we are sometimes having a hard time selecting the best people for the job.

We have a lot of knowledge and years of experience in this particular job, so we have decided to write a short article about video production services in the Bay Area to help you choose the right one. 

Clients point of view of video production services



Making professional movie has been around for decades; however, most people still don’t know what it is that we do. When people call us, they often have a hard time to explain to us what it is they want, and it’s okay because none of them are professionals in this job. Sometimes all we know that they need is a video. 

It is usually hard to understand what the customer has in mind. Figuring it out is often a long and slow process. The best way is to ask the clients some example to know what they are imagining. However, video producing businesses should never tire the clients from the first email or call. It all has to be smooth and easy, at least from the first encounter. If your competitors respond quickly to questions and have a better way of determining what customer wants, they may have a considerable advantage and steal your customers. After reading this article, you should have a basic understanding of the different types of video production services in the Bay Area.


Asking the right question


When we are trying to determine what our clients want, first and foremost we are asking what their goals are. This helps us narrow down different sorts of movies and gives us an idea about the desired video. However, we have some other questions in our minds that we have no clue about. How much effort is the client willing to put in the video? How long does he think it will take? Finding answers to such questions may also be challenging at first, as they are often answered in the process of filming and production. Again this is the job of video production services.

So what is the client’s goal? It might be because he is trying to promote something. This might include particular products or services, improving the business’s image, talking about a topic or something else. So the primary goal is creating visual marketing content for business purposes. There are no other goals.

For example, if the clients want their weddings filmed, can you ask them what their goals are? That would sound like an unnecessary question, as it is evident that the couples want to promote their weddings or themselves in general. They would like to show their relatives and friend how amazing their weddings were. Therefore, just by asking what they want to film, can give a video maker an idea about what is ahead of him.

Docu-style Video




Creating a documentary video is one of the most common video production services in the Bay Area. The format of documentary videos may slightly differ, but they are almost the same. One video producer usually films documentary videos. Many single video makers make a living on that. It is done by shooting a non-fiction story; often, it consists of interviews and creating an emotional atmosphere by adding particular tracks or music.

There is a massive difference between docu-style and documentary movies. Creating a documentary is a very long and demanding process as it requires a lot of patience and time. To make a documentary, the filming has to be done at first. Filming for long hours is typical of creating a documentary as it is crucial to capture the critical shots which will add a story to the documentary. After the filming process, the footage has to be cut and edited. The documentary movies often require voice overs which will tell the story as the video continues.

However, docu-style movies can be made in a matter of hours. All there is to do is to film an hour or two-hour long interview, edit it and come up with two minutes of video story.

Corporate Movie production

What is a corporate video? The corporate video is a video created for for-profit companies. For example, imagine a type of video a new employer has to watch on his first day as a qualified mechanic. These types of videos usually include the mix of interviews, voiceovers, narrations, training or a typical workday. When a client calls your company and asks about the video that he wants to be produced, he may call it different things such as a tutorial, talking head video, lecture, presentation and so on.

Commercial Movie Production


video production services


As the name suggests, these types of videos are created for commercial purposes meaning they are mostly video advertisements. Commercial videos are typically short promotional movies for the web or TV broadcast. Although the style of commercial videos may look like docu-style movies, the term is used to determine the final result. In rare cases, such videos are longer than 30 seconds. This videos also include time-based ads – advertising future events, promotions or sales. However, the duration of commercial videos for the web is usually only 15 seconds, and it is the job of video makers to wrap everything up in such a short period.

There are certain boundaries of entering such a business because most TV companies offer their production services for free if the client buys a lot of air time. Therefore, big companies who advertise a lot of commercials on TVs not often work with other companies. However, video commercials usually end up on social media or websites. Traditional marketing options such as TV or radio advertisements are not as popular as they were before. This opens a whole lot of opportunities for video makers. Digital marketing such as promoting products or services on social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is beneficial to everybody because it is cheaper to develop something on social media to a targeted audience rather than broadcasting it to everybody at a high cost.

Social Media Videos


As mentioned above, social media marketing is much cheaper than the traditional means of marketing. Therefore, it has created a separate type of promotional advertisement videos. Most Facebook advertisements generate more views per dollar than for example Youtube. However, people who are scrolling down the news feed barely watch the first seconds of the video and continue scrolling down. This has directly affected the sort of promotional videos produced for social media. Instead of giving long introductions, the creators have learned to cut to the chase and try to grab viewers attention in two or three seconds. To sum it all up, there are a lot of creative video production services in the Bay Area which require a lot of time and effort to decide which one to pick. 



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