Shortly after the engagement, naturally, we start thinking about how to organize our wedding party. In this stage, we have to decide on lots of things, such as our wedding outfit, venue, the reception program and so on. One of the most crucial point is the music. Because music is the one thing what makes people enjoy their time fully. To help you with your choices, in this article we will discuss the top best affordable wedding DJs in Oakland, CA. Although there are numerous wedding DJs in Oakland, we will talk about only the best ones.

Throughout his/her life everybody dreams about a perfectly organized event in which he/she is surrounded by amazed people and their attention. It must not be an ordinary one. The guests must still remember this day many years later. Whenever you talk about this event, it must be the most enjoyable, unforgettable and even the craziest for some.

However, achieving such a perfect organization is not as easy as we dream. There is a lot to do, but the hardest one is overcoming dilemmas standing in front of us.

Before getting to know the best affordable wedding DJs in Oakland, let’s look through the main factors to be considered while deciding on a wedding DJ. Right below you can find detailed information on what makes a DJ best and from what aspects we should evaluate the DJs and their services.

Set your budget


Wedding DJ in Oakland


If you are into a wedding party led by a professional DJ, however trying to keep the cost as low as possible, then it can be a bit tiring for you. To make things untangled, you can decide on your budget and the maximum amount that you are ready to pay for a wedding DJ. In this way, you can find out where to start. The cost of the wedding DJs in Oakland differs from month to month depending on the season. The peak seasons usually cost more than the low seasons. For example, if you are planning to celebrate your marriage in between May and October, it will be more costly than having it around January or March.


Pay attention to the reviews

Reading the reviews of people who have previously used a product or a service is one of the greatest facilities which helps us a lot when we are indecisive about either a product or a service. If you are one of those people who are on two minds about the best wedding DJ, then we would recommend you to take the reviews seriously. There are some websites, such as or in which you can find positive or negative thoughts of people on the wedding DJs in Oakland.


What do you expect from the wedding DJ?

When you are trying to choose a DJ among many others, make sure what you expect from a DJ. Determining your requirements in advance will save you from disappointment. Commonly what people want from a wedding DJ is an entertained audience with full of energy. It can be the first thing that comes to your mind, yet there are still other factors worth considering. For example, do you wish the DJ have a significant influence on the music? Would you like the service for dance floor lighting to be included? All these factors should be thought over carefully before signing the contract.


Assessment of a good wedding DJ


Wedding DJs in Oakland


Apart from the general factors, there are some other qualities directly related to the DJs themselves. These qualities will be your guide through your journey to find the wedding DJ who best matches your criterion.


Style of the DJ

Every DJ has his/her style, and this style is going to determine the atmosphere of your wedding reception. If you want DJ’s energy to match with yours, it is better to meet the DJ in person before reaching an agreement. In this case, you can determine if he can ensure the atmosphere that you are after. Moreover, one to one communication will let you start to build close links before the wedding day.


Interaction skills

The more interactive the DJ is, the more friendly atmosphere will be in your wedding party. The wedding Dj is the person who will make the announcements, and it will require him to communicate not only with guests but also the other vendors. According to your wish, the wedding DJs must be open to taking request from the guests. He/She must be able to identify which songs the guests would dance to and cater for all the tastes without ignoring any age group.


Managerial skills


managerial skills


For a DJ, it is essential to manage any situation smoothly that happens unexpectedly. In case of an extreme situation, he must be able to make some changes to the reception program to achieve an uninterrupted flow. Another point is that he must be skillful enough to play suitable music for special momentums.


The best wedding DJs in Oakland, CA

As we promised at the beginning of this article, we are pleased to introduce the best wedding DJs. All of them are skilled and quite professional.



DJ Quantum is one of the best DJs in Oakland with 15 years of experience. He is a real music lover, and his passion for music has let him cooperate with the stars like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson, Neyo, The Black Keys, and Blake Shelton. He is also an international DJ and performed in numerous countries, such as Italy, Spain, Bahamas, Japan, China, and the USA.



With his 15 years of experience, DJ King James is one of the most respected wedding DJs in Oakland. His professional attitude and ability to cheer big audiences up will make your day.



From Beijing to Brooklyn DJ Stretch has amazed millions by his outstanding performances. His significant experience and ability to attract all the guests to the dance floor will make your wedding day unforgettable not only for you but also for all the others who join you on your happiest day.



DJ Alex Storm is considered one of the best DJs in Oakland with his elaborate knowledge of international music. Whether you desire a traditional-like party or a completely universal one, he is capable enough to go beyond your expectations.




wedding djs oakland


DJ Markus has a long history in this career. He is a former radio personality and collaborated with professionals, such as Jazzy Jeff and Questlove. He is also an associate member of GRAMMY Recording Academy.



DJ Jon Carino has performed more than 500 wedding parties successfully. Considering the time he spends on carefully made playlists, we can surely say that he is professional at his work. Due to his club experience, he can easily keep the audience merry and energetic till dawn.



His in-depth knowledge of music enables him to create successful “music cocktails’’ by mixing different genres of music. DJ Friendly Traveller is one of the desired DJs with his substantial experience and communication skills.



DJ Halo is also one of the greatest wedding DJs in Oakland with previous radio experience. His versatile approach and passion for music make him one of the most demanded DJs. He has amazed large audiences in the world leading a tour in 48 continental states.


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