You have already picked the venue and thought carefully about the menu and decorations, but do not forget another crucial factor which turns a good wedding into an awesome one. That critical factor is the people who will host the ceremony – the bilingual Chinese MCs. Indeed this person will inform the guests about the program of the evening, but should also be familiar and keep in touch with the musician, photographer and videographers.

Also, MC should communicate with the manager of the venue to understand when they will serve the food and how to unfold best all of the activities that you have planned with your soul mate. The role of the master of the ceremonies also includes announcing the critical features of your special day such as the bride and groom’s first dance, cake cutting and inviting the parents and other special people of the newly married couple to give speeches and toasts.

The list can go on and on depending on the length and complexity of the event. And if the couple is coming from a diverse background and mixed ethnicity, on top of all the skills which is required to be a good master, you will need a bilingual MC.

bilingual Chinese MCs
bilingual Chinese MCs

Too many requirements, right? Luckily at BluEdge Weddings, we have great talents who can turn any ceremony to a great party and can speak in different languages. If you are looking for bilingual Chinese MCs, contact us, and we will find the right fit for you.

It is very crucial to have the wedding master who can speak Chinese for your wedding because he or she is the one who will bring the two cultures together and make sure the guests are enjoying themselves and everyone is feeling comfortable. Just imagine yourself being stuck somewhere you have to be, but not understanding anything of what is happening. That is right, and it does not seem cool, so make sure you pick one of the best bilingual Chinese MCs.

For example, when the bride’s mother will give her speech in Chinese, our MC will be able to translate the speech, and nothing will be lost in the translation since people can take their time’s expert, MCs should know when and how to stop them politely (visualize how to do it with the language barrier). Also, another great part of having a bilingual MC is that he or she can tell jokes in the native language and understand the vibes of a wedding.

A bilingual MC appears to be a central point of connection in bringing the best out of the two cultures, and we highly recommend to trust us to find the best bilingual Chinese MCs. The host which you will choose from our recommendation will sit together with you and discuss all the details about your big day. Our MCs will make sure that the wedding is fun and everything is well organized and under control. There can be lots of reasons why the things might not go as they were planned, but with the professional master of ceremonies, everything will run smoothly.