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15 Awesome Wedding Photo Booth Ideas for Wedding Photographers

Do you imagine a wedding without an enjoyable wedding photo booth ideas? If you are looking for unusual and outstanding images from that particular day, we pick up some photo…

Photo Booth Shopping
Photo Booth

Top Five Questions to Ask While Photo Booth Shopping

The history of photo booths began nearly in the 19th century, and surely they have changed their shapes and forms a lot since then. A photo booth is a vending…

Event Photography
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12 Tips For Expert Event Photography

Event photography is not as easy as it seems. It is also quite tedious. First of all, to get a good photo, a good photographer, director, and planner assistant are…

photo booth's photography
Photo Booth

What is the difference between normal photography or photo booth’s photography in a wedding?

What is wedding photography? Wedding photography is a photo activity related to the wedding ceremony. This includes photos of the pre-marital couple, as well as the scope of the wedding…

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Photo Booth Rental in the Bay Area, San Francisco

Do you want to please your guests with something unusual and unique? Do you want a holiday to be unforgettable? Photo booths rental is an opportunity to please every guest…