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Photography & Dj Events California- Engagement Elements You Should Add

Organizing an event is filled with buzz and fervor, from preparing on ideas and arrangements to executing them with efficiency everything is a matter of concern. Whether it’s a corporate…

Wedding DJs in Oakland
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Top 8 Best Affordable Wedding DJs in Oakland, CA

Shortly after the engagement, naturally, we start thinking about how to organize our wedding party. In this stage, we have to decide on lots of things, such as our wedding…

Wedding DJs near me
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The 4 Best Wedding DJs Near Me

When your marriage preparations are in full swing, finding the best wedding DJ that will make your wedding day magnificent can be challenging. Your DJ searches start with googling “Best…

wedding DJ cost in San Francisco
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The Average Wedding Cost in San Francisco

Many couples decide to marry after a long relationship. But it is costly and causes you spending money for a day, that will be memorized after many years. Many factors…

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Wedding DJ

All the Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Each couple is very sensitive to the preparation and organization of their wedding because such a day should be unique and be remembered with only pleasant moments. Half of the…

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Most Popular Wedding DJ Songs – Playlist must haves

The musical accompaniment of the wedding is crucial because it creates a mood not only for the guests but also for the bride and the groom. The selection of compositions…

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5 Tips for finding the best wedding DJs in the Bay Area that you don’t know yet

Your life’s most important day is almost around the corner. Maybe you’ve already reserved the best hall, the perfect photographer, picked out a beautiful wedding dress and sharp looking smoothies….

Professional wedding DJ San Jose
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Professional Wedding DJ vs a friend with a playlist. What’s the Right Choice for Your Wedding

The groom and the bride are often fooled into thinking that choosing the right music for their wedding is a piece of cake. They usually expect that it won’t take…

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Here’s what will probably go wrong if you choose wrong Wedding DJ

“Dear, we will have a wonderful wedding!”, “This day will always remain in our memory!”, “There will be a lot of guests at our wedding!”, “Everything will be fine!” ……

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The Guide to Wedding DJ Prices in Bay Area

It is hard to believe in the existence of a woman, who hasn’t dreamed about her special wedding day since childhood. Usually, they have planned out all the details of…