Weddings are turning points of our lives. Every great man’s life has two sections: before marriage and after marriage. Importance of the marriage stated in many research articles, social projects and so on. For special events, there must be unique decorations, wedding lighting, and songs. Your wedding decoration should start by choosing the place for the ceremony. Will your wedding be indoor or outdoor? Do you like night mode or more shiny spots? Do you have the first figures made of wedding lighting to impress all your guests? Every question is a part of the planning and having deterministic answers to these questions is essential to make this great day unforgettable. There are different types of lighting, but first, let’s have the overall planning of your wedding.


What kind of place will be the host for your fantastic night?




Generally, weddings take part either in indoors or outdoors. Each type has its pros and cons.

Outdoor Weddings:

If you are fond of nature and prefer outdoor weddings, because being in contact with fresh air, dancing with your love under the moonlight, even the rain is a splendid experience for you.

It is great to hear songs of birds when you are living the happiest moments of your life.

Depends on how big your ceremony will be, decoration and lighting can vary.

If you are planning a daytime ceremony, you will need a few numbers of bulbs. Many people prefer lighting similar to nature, in different flower-like shapes, or like a palm tree, etc.

Indoor Weddings

In places with harsh weather conditions like Alaska or Ohio, it is almost impossible to cheer up for something with outdoor meetings. Setting up lighting for indoor activities is, more accessible, and these opportunities are more. You can design it as a boat and become captain of your night.

If you are creative enough to design a unique scene for you and your guests decide on having an indoor wedding.

10 the most creative ideas for the wedding lighting


After deciding the location for the ceremony, it is time to think about stories. Probably, all of us remember, when we were children, we set up small theatre roles with our friends. Most of the couples want to wear a costume of a character from novels, poems, etc. to express the feeling of living their dreams. The decoration and wedding lighting should be consistent. Let’s say if you want your wedding hall to be designed as a house of National Museum. Your lighting will be full of shadows, back tones. These variations will help you give a feeling of specialty. According to the theme, structure and positioning lighting can be classified up to 30 classes. Here I will introduce you to the most creative 10 wedding lighting ideas.

Outdoor lighting

  • If you are planning to celebrate the wedding in your garden, using string Edison bulbs would help you to create the desired ambiance for your guests. Usually, for this kind of lighting, half closed places, like a ceiling. You want to feel natural but do not want to get wet or burn your skin. Bulbs with a circle and half circle like shapes fit the best for this kind of arrangements. The circle is a prevalent shape in nature, thus circle wedding lights will give a feeling of harmony if you decide to marry outdoors.
  • Weddings on the shore.


Most of the young couples tend to marry at the seaside. Although it is windy, the weather here is fresh and gives you a boost after having a few cups of drinks. You will be surrounded by palms, different types of sea animals and if you are lucky enough dolphins may visit your reception. We all want to live and spend time in the Bahamas, don’t we? It is a chance for you to create Bahama environment, even it is just a few hours of your life.

For this kind of special receptions, lighting should not be the brightest type. Simple lighting with low brightness will help your guests to feel relaxed. Mainly, lantern types of lighting are using. The ambiance will be completed with songs from Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller and both couple and guests will scratch this very day in their memories. Our DJ service will facilitate any atmosphere you wish to have.

  • Limb lighting is another type of outdoor lighting. You set up your tables under for parties under high trees. When night comes, everywhere turns to libs with shiny coverings. If you are aware of willow, it should be your dream to decorate your wedding night with glooming arms.
  • Geometric Glow

This is for math nerds. If you are a scientist or have many scientist friends, you should purchase geometric shapes. They are gleaming, aureate and reflect the light and create an environment that your guests will feel special and cheer up under lights when they are dancing.

  • Limbs with lanterns

Lanterns are a sign of specialty and aristocracy. They have sharp edges, and it helps to create a more formal environment. As it becomes a tradition to wear formally, a single entity of audience will complete the overall scene. And the bride and groom will remember this exciting day throughout their life. Just above the table, lanterns will shine to brighten everyone’s face, and warm communications make your wedding ceremony memorable.

  • Limb lanterns with a candle

A candle is simple, natural and less bright. Spreading bright light and commemorating old days what makes candle special. The lantern will resonate the light from candles and spread the warming climate. It is said that candlelight help to stable your mental condition and gives a feeling of relaxing.

    Some tips for indoor lighting



  •  String light

Many strings joint in the center of the hall and all surrounded by gleaming small bulbs. It has different types and size. If you design one center of strings for each table, you should note much brighter light and little space to move could disturb your guests. But overall, it is commonly used as wedding lighting. Moreover, it is simple, and you can attach several small sizes colorful bulbs on it. If your wedding party consists of sections, it is easier to cover all the steps with that kind of lights.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers are mainly accompanied by goldish color. They are big and shows the grandness of the ceremony. They are luminous, and the gold color reflects the light.

  • Hanging glass holders

They are big in volume and spread light to long distances. They are placing above the table and leaves no shadow around. Although they consume more energy, just a few of them can replace Edison bulbs. Their shapes are round, and this makes them elegant and aesthetic.

  • Inside containers

When we were a child, we decorated our small tents with lighting. I collected many little bugs in a container. Now it is a trend for wedding lighting with a different source of light. People use a candle, and that seems as original as it is. It is calming, trigger you to think about love and immerse yourself into a friendly environment and what every couple wants to see in their wedding ceremonies.



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