Weddings have unique vibes that give butterflies in the stomach. A combination of many essential factors produces these fluttering vibes, and one of them is string lights. There are many creative ideas for wedding lighting that you can find. But if you are wondering how to make your special day even more peculiar, you might be just in the right place because we chose 30 dazzling wedding light decorations with string lights. 


Lights behind the bride and groom table highlight the focus of the day, HIM and HER. The backdrop can be adjusted to appear central or as a more simple element of the party depending on your preferences.


string lights

Uplighters throwing light in the venue of your choice, whether it is indoors or outdoors, can create a romantic atmosphere. Dimmed lights and perfectly placed uplighting will make your wedding more memorable. You can also adjust the color of the lights choosing one of your favorites which could ease off your background thoughts and help you focus on your special moment.


If you have decided on holding an outdoor wedding party, there are choices you can select. The most elegant and straightforward way to separate your magical venue from the rest of the environment is by using string lights. They can be fixed into a rectangle to outline your wedding party space adding more emphasis to it.


Setting fairy lights into a circus tent is a retro and super fun idea. Imagine all the positive feelings arising from just that breathtaking view. If you are thinking of choosing this style we have good news for you. Circus tent style wedding decoration is applicable in both, indoor and outdoor weddings.


Yes, that’s right. You did not read it wrong. Since the bride and the groom are in the spotlight, why shouldn’t their table be too? Sitting behind a miraculously bright table would guarantee that you two will stay on the spotlight during the entire reception and that your guests will be astonished.


string lights

Lights can be easily set to outline the inner space of your guests. The visitors of your reception will be delighted to have their dinner under a presumptive starry night.

String lights coupled with dimmed lights will bring the tender and dreamy sensations of a starry night.


All wedding receptions must emphasize the names of the bride and the groom. String lights can be of good use for that too! Prominent figures with your initials wrapped up with bright lights would be not only a great decoration but also a great spot to capture amazing pictures.


Your wedding reception can become even more special with your favorite patterns. You can project any pattern you adore on the dance floor or even over the tables making the party more extraordinary.


If you are into less tangled looking places, then you might prefer to decorate your wedding reception using strings of bulbs. In essence, they play the same role and can be adjusted to ooze hazy brightness. Strings of bulbs can make your party look fabulous and charming.


Wedding invitations are a part of the wedding party. Looking at the invitation your guest will make assumptions of what to expect from the reception. Decorating your invitations with string lights can excite your invitees and put them in the right mood long before the BIG day comes.


Center the attention on the aspects that you want to stand out. Direct a ray of light on the elements of your liking, such as the bride and groom’s table or floral pieces.


Wedding Lights

Chandeliers sound like a familiar idea but used in combination with accessories, such as light bundles, and flowers it can be transformed into something exquisite.


If you want to bring more texture and “fluffiness” then setting the fairy lights together with airy fabrics or curtains, such as tulle, is a perfect idea.


Another way to outline the reception area is to create a dome shape using fairy lights. The dome shape will bring coziness and warmness to your party making it enthusiastic.


The dance floor is the area where your guests and you spend most of the evening. A way to make dancing more merrymaking and enjoyable is to decorate it with fairy lights with secret messages written on pieces of paper and hidden between them which your invitees will find towards the end of the party.


An alternative way to decorate the ceiling of the reception is to make a zig-zag pattern with the help of color lights.


What can be more fairytale-like than a big tree with charming branches? A big tree covered with fairy lights that glow and spreads bliss. Lit up the tree will add a touch of nature and contentedness.


Waterfall string lights can be used to divide the different areas of your reception.


If you are organizing a wedding in vintage style, then a chandelier decorated with mason jars should be your go-to.


The barn wedding venue is an exciting and romantic style to choose from. Decorating these kinds of places for the reception can demand a lot of attention. Though, highlighting the style is crucial to show off the beauty of it. The rafters are overwhelming elements of a barn and can be covered with rope lights to embellish it.


A variant of outlining an outdoor wedding reception is applying a canopy design and completing it with rope lights. Canopy style decoration will make everyone feel like in a dream.


Candles always add up to romance in the air. If all cautions are considered then a reception with candles on dining tables is guaranteed to be starry-eyed and full of passion.


Antique lanterns can be a great way to add dreaminess and affection to your party. Now imagine these lanterns floating above your head.


You can also decorate the aisle or the entrance to your venue using lanterns. They will create fantastic, unforgettable feelings.


string lights

Chunky crystal hangings refracting the light from the fairy lights can give off more fascinating and enchanting sensations than you can imagine.


An outstanding option is combining different shapes of light. Using vertical clusters of light with sphere-shaped light fixtures would elevate the diversity, as well as, harmony in your party.


Using different sized light bundles in a random pattern on one side of the venue would make a great decoration. Taking pictures in front of them is a whole new story.

There are of course other magnificent ideas on how to use lights on your most memorable day. BluEdge helps you with decorating your wedding reception without you having to worry about anything going wrong.

STRING LIGHTS AND TASSELS: Fairy lights coupled with tassels would look adorable hanging from the ceiling. Watching the breeze go through them would create inexpressible delight and let you enjoy every moment of the party.



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