Event lighting is very much different from causal residential or commercial lighting. The main purpose of event lighting is rendering an elegant nuance to the venue, i.e., decoration, and making it remarkably appealing. For wedding decoration one can get a number of options from LED Flameless Candles, Fairy Lights, Paper Lanterns, Globe Lights and String Lights from which one can either blend most of them or can keep it minimal with one of the light. Organizing wedding lights in an attractive manner is a matter of creativity which requires a creative insight and plan and execute.

Different types of wedding lights for decorative purpose

  • Commercial grade outdoor string lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Paper lantern
  • Globe patio lights
  • Battery operated led string lights
  • Submersible centerpiece lights
  • Projection lighting
  • Flower string lights
  • Mini lights
  • Battery operated flameless candles
  • Color changing lights cubes and orbs

With side a wide array, one can use these lightings most vibrantly to create a classy and chic ambiance. To magnify this decorative verve, one can adorn it with floral embellishment, ribbons, decorative centerpieces, colorful rugs, feathers, candles, decorative water features, cake, wedding banners, signs, cart decoration, mason jars, glass fish bowls, swings, empty bulbs, balloons, table decors with table numbers etc. Though you can skip a few of these with a more creative replacement, but venue and interest can be influensial factors.

Themed wedding decorations are far attractive chaotic vague decoration. Keeping similarity in decorative material forges a link in everything thus making it all appear attractive. At times, the budget becomes a matter of consideration, decoration would dent your bank and hence should be kept in mind beforehand.

Undoubtedly, throwing a wedding event is an expensive affair but cutting on redundancy can bring it to optimal. For instance, keeping it minimal would cut down the cost, minimal and elegant décor blends easily. How about decorating it all with string lights dangling on different tree branches hanging on different height. Wedding decorations can be as vast as you want to provide that you know how to utilize the space the available accessories and the time well.


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