Never underestimate the importance of DJ at weddings. People may remember certain parts of the wedding but they probably won’t recall the colors of the flowers or the chairs, yet they will remember the music especially if it’s terrible. Your wedding music can turn your wedding ceremony into an imaginary and moving state that brings a few tears, and it can also create a party atmosphere at your reception and allow everyone to enter and leave the dance floor. Your choice of music during the wedding sets a tone for the rest of the wedding day and its planning. If you are going for a blast, the right DJ entertainment is vital to make your night unforgettable. The dance floor is supposed to be felt with joyful moments with the audience thoroughly entertained. We understand how much DJ entertainment is important for events such as weddings, and that is why our DJs are hand-picked to provide the right mix of music and professionalism.

We know what you think, how can I trust someone with a big event such as a wedding? Fortunately, we have experienced DJ’s that have performed all across the US, as well as in London and Beijing. BluEdge Weddings offers DJ entertainment that will light up your event with music ranging from rock to Latin fusion and Bollywood, keeping your guests entertained at all times.


Why choose us?



Ø  A wide range of music genres you can choose from

Ø  Professional and dedicated DJs

Ø  We spend detailed 20 hours to prepare for your events

Ø  Worldwide DJ entertainment experience

Ø  Tailored playlists

Ø  An extensive collection of DJ’s to choose from

Ø  Variety of DJ packages for you to pick

Ø  Additional services such as lightning and decor can be provided

Making the right choice


Getting engaged or married can be a very stressful task especially with the amount of planning you have to get done. Every detail of this famous, life-changing event can be stressful without the right support. Any wedding events need to have excellent reception, good food, the location and finally the fun, which is provided by the DJ. However, if the food is terrible the DJ can turn a lousy wedding reception into an absolute blast, it cannot be otherwise if the DJs are bad.

DJs don’t just show up to play music for 4 hours they spend a long time at your special event, preparing music in advance and coordinating your individual songs with you, putting together introduction list, packing equipment, loading equipment and that’s only before your reception starts. It is not important how delicious your food is or how beautiful the flowers are it will never beat the DJ entertainment, which will stay in everyone’s head for a long time.

Top tips when hiring a wedding DJ:

Ø  Agree and plan your playlist in detail in advance

This is important in the early stages so you can decide what music you want to hear at your wedding and to avoid any last minute surprises. Another thing you should consider is whether you will give your audience freedom of choice for music requests.

Ø  Ask for the dates

It is essential to make sure the DJ knows the exact date in advance before you hire him. If they are not available, you do not need to waste your time requesting details about their service.

Ø  Your DJ’s system must have enough power for the venue that your event is scheduled in.

Arranging a meeting before your DJ and the venue representatives will allow them to discuss the planning for the technical side.


Ø  Check out the experience that he/she has

The more experience they have, the better. It is crucial to understand if your DJ has an exciting impression on different types of audience. The number of years the DJ has will give you the information about their experience level.

Ø  Negotiate a backup plan in case of emergency or sickness

Make sure you always have a backup plan in case your DJ makes any last cancellations.

Ø  Make sure you ask him/her to arrive in advance to check out and connect all the sound equipment

If your DJ has never been to that particular venue before, it might be a good idea to ask to visit the site before the wedding day to check out space and extra equipment they might need. This gives a DJ an opportunity to meet the venue representatives, understand the acoustics.

Ø  Find a DJ that best understands your needs and music preference

All of us have a different musical taste. It is essential to choose the music you want to be played for your guests in advance taking into account that age/taste and understanding of the music of your guests might vary.

Ø  Always ask to hear a sample or their previous performance

It is important to familiarize yourself with your DJ’s ability. What if nobody is dancing at your event? Your DJ needs to be able to take on the responsibility and understand how to read the crowd, build and keep up the energy. The DJ needs to have the talent to mix all of the sorts of genres to keep the crowd pumped at all times depending on their mood.

Ø  Ask about other services that they include and can offer to you

There are often some packages that DJ can provide such as LED lighting and video screens. Other than DJ entertainment, other services such as event planner, photographer, and a videographer might also need to be considered in advance.

Ø  What will they wear?

If your wedding is going to be a formal event ask the DJ to dress accordingly, as a DJ who comes wearing a t-shirt and jeans will look out of place. As well as casual beach wedding would not want to see a DJ dressed in formal attire. However, you must remember that if you want the DJ to arrive in specific attire, you need to be ready to cover the costs of getting him/her outfit.

How does it work?


Firstly, you need to visit our website. Make sure you get familiar with all the packages we offer such as “The basic package,” “The BluEdge exclusive” and “The club experience.” Once you choose the package which is right for you, you can get in touch by contacting us and fill in the form with all your contact details.

You need to remember that the more information you provide us, the quicker and easier it will be for us to provide you the right quote for your wedding entertainment and lighting needs. This process is straightforward, and we will show our support for each step of the way. After this, you can sit back and take a rest during we proceed with your request, familiarize with the details and call on the number you provided when submitting your documents. We hope our guide will help you to choose the right DJ entertainment for your event turning it into an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.



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