When it comes to choosing the right DJ AND MC for your wedding, there are four factors to consider.

The first is experience of performing at weddings. All of our DJs are hand selected for both their ability to rock crowds in clubs as well as their experience in performing full wedding services from your ceremony to your last song of the night. We are proud to say that all of our DJs have at least 8 years of experience DJing and MCing weddings, which means that they have seen it all and know how to rock any crowd.

The second is personality. The last thing you want at your wedding is a DJ who makes your wedding day all about himself — a self-centered egomaniac who uses your wedding for self-promotional selfies and social media likes and follows. Your wedding is all about you and making sure that you and your guests have the best time of their lives. We are there to cater to your every need and to make sure you have stressless entertainment experience and not there to be the center of attention. All of our DJs understand this and share the same philosophy, and are eager to engage with your guests and take requests (unless it’s on your do not play list of course).

The third is the knowledge of music. It’s difficult for a DJ to play the songs that will get all of your guests (remember grandma and grandpa and your nieces?) on the dance floor if they are only familiar with top 40s or fist-pumping house music. We carefully screen our DJs to make sure that they have not only a deep knowledge of music hits across all genres and eras, but that they have a genuine love and passion for music because we believe that the more fun your guest have the more fun our DJs should have (without any alcohol of course), and they will be more inspired to select the best songs that will continue to feed the synergy on the dance floor to ensure an epic dance party!

The fourth is their technical abilities as a DJ. Have you ever been to an event or wedding where the DJ just faded songs in and out to transition, leaving you on the dance floor in awkward moments like “what just happened? We believe it’s important to carry the energy from the song you and your guests are dancing to into the next song and to amplify that energy as the next song plays. We make sure all of our DJs are masters of creating seamless transitions and blends from one track so the energy on the dance floor never just abruptly ends.

With all that being said, we encourage you to set up a video meeting with our DJs to make sure they fit your expectations. Our DJs are excited and eager to speak with you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!



For over a decade and a half, DJ Quantum has mastered the art of rocking crowds from The Bay to Beijing.


As a 15-year veteran Dj, the name King James is well known and respect in the Bay Area
and beyond.


DJ Stretch has spent the last 15 years wowing fans and rocking parties all across the globe, both as an MC and a DJ


Dj Halo has performed at over 100+ corporate events, and weddings to date. With 10 years on air radio experience


Over the last decade, DJ the Verb has filled dance floors leaving a trail of empty chairs and vacant
dinner tables.


DJ Jon Carino is a veteran DJ with over 500 wedding under his belt. His passion for Djing started in the early 90’s.


His deep knowledge and love of music enables him to create highly innovative cross-genre


A recent transplant from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Alex is read to take the Bay area music scene by storm (no pun intended).

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