Saw your friend’s wedding post on Instagram and got mesmerized by the pictures? Weddings are not only about delicious food, engaging rituals, photography, and dance, there is a lot beside this. How about decorating the exteriors with lanterns in the sky or floral decor peeking behind the bride and groom? It sounds crazy and graceful. Alter your wedding plans with the best decoration and lighting ideas.

Lightening is the soul of event

Turn your ordinary wedding venue extraordinary with plenty of exciting decoration and wedding lights ideas. Lightening not only creates dramatic effect but brings-in a sense of pure magic to complement the venue. When goes with decoration, lightening exaggerates the charm further. Lightening sets the mood and adds grace to pictures.

Lightening – Illumination offers a handful of options which includes different types of lights. It encompasses outdoor lighting monogram projection pattern projection accent lighting pin-spotting uplighting, reflectors, etc. All these lights if placed efficiently can create a gorgeous milieu. From romantic twinkling lights to grand chandeliers, and from the pin spotting couple to highlighting the stage, lightning would turn the event vivacious. Other than this, string light, light bulbs, candles, chandeliers, Color wash, Underlighting, etc would magnify the verve.

DecorationWedding decorations goes with complementing the venue. Decorating the backdrop with hanging décor on the corners or harmonizing it with ceiling decor to make it look extraordinary, all this is just a matter of taste. Creative insight and adequate resources would help in rendering it the desirable accent.

While making consideration for lighting and decoration, keep a few tips in mind

  • Power source – What if you get it all lighted and then the power source shuts down? Make sure you have a reliable power back up to keep the illumination intact.
  • Consider the feasibility of lights- This means if you are having a daytime wedding, the feasibility of light should be tested.
  • Theme Matters: We can have as many Lighting and décor ideas as possible. Getting it all lighted and decorate while complementing the theme would enhance the grace further.

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