“Dear, we will have a wonderful wedding!”, “This day will always remain in our memory!”, “There will be a lot of guests at our wedding!”, “Everything will be fine!” … How nice it sounds, isn’t it? Seemingly – a wedding! A word that is simply doomed to be associated with a synonym for the word “happiness”. Is not it? And most (if not all) of people think about it.  But let’s be honest. How do you think there is a guarantee that everything will go well at your wedding, as you wished? Or how did you dream about it? The answer is likely to be ambiguous. Right? And here the question is that the range of problems encountered at weddings is really extensive. They can be both significant and insignificant. But these are really a problem. One of the essential issues is to find a perfect wedding DJ. We suggest you the best wedding DJ that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

“Maestro! Trim the march!”




Probably everyone will agree that music accompanies us throughout our life, right? Music surrounds us in our dark and happy moments. And for each moment of our life corresponds to a certain style of music. Consequently, the role of music at weddings has always been important for centuries. Since the development and evolution of music, as well as the holding of weddings, there have also been changes in the structure of the wedding itself. For example, one of the characteristic features of today’s weddings is the obligatory disco.

This is already a tradition and the whole disco is managed by a DJ (Disc Jokey) or also MC ( Master of Ceremonies ). But do all DJs run the wedding as loving couples want it? Indeed, the DJ’s profession itself is very responsible. Incorrectly selected music can seriously affect the mood of the guests. Therefore, the presence of a DJ is one of the main points that must be considered when organizing a wedding reception. Well, if you still make a mistake in choosing or something you do not like, then do not worry. The only solution may be that you can ask the DJ to finish the performance ahead of time and stay as a guest. 


How to choose a suitable DJ?


First of all, a DJ should understand you like a psychological type. As an organizer, you must explain to him about the number of guests, your musical preferences, the characteristics of your close friends and acquaintances. But it happens that you are not the organizer and someone else is doing it (for example, parents or close friends). Then this person should know all your basic characteristics. It is very important to trust your wedding to a professional DJ.

DJ, who knows how to excite or reassure guests, and who owns a musical education. Also, a professional DJ should not be guided only by the musical genre, and it is desirable that he owns the majority of different genres. If at least one of these parameters fits well with your choice, then we can safely congratulate you. Because 50% of a successful wedding is already in your pocket! In our blog, we touched on this topic in detail through the article on how to book the right wedding DJ.


Problem with services


It happens so that in a failed wedding a DJ is less responsible. Here you should also consider the unfortunate decor and lighting of the wedding room. Because the DJ’s performance also depends on the decor. After all, there are compositions that, by virtue of their meaning and content, simply do not fit into the tone of the decoration of the wedding room. Therefore, in the end, the wrong selection of decorations can also cause unwanted things at weddings, which will affect the quality of the work of the DJ.


Why choose us?




– We perfectly understand what the happiest day for couples means!

– Our DJs have all the professional qualities that will give you and your guests an unforgettable experience!

– Our DJs have global experience in leading music points of the World.

– Musical genre diversity, covering the culture of various nations of the world.

– We are very selfless in your wedding and we celebrate this business for whole days.

– We take note of even the smallest details.

– And we do all this only to ensure that your wedding goes exactly as you intended!


Our DJ’s


Our DJs are very talented guys and they will never let you get bored at the wedding. In addition to a great experience, the average period of their activity is 10 years. And this is a great indicator, which is a fact of our success. Our guys have an international base with experience in various parts of the world. We guarantee that our DJs will give you the best moments of your life. For more details, please contact us and ask your questions.




To avoid unwanted mistakes at your wedding, we remind you once again that club DJ and wedding DJ are two different personalities with completely different tasks. Couples should take a responsible approach to choose a DJ for their wedding. After all, a wedding DJ is not just a musical part of the celebration, but also a leading one. Wedding DJ is a person who not only must musically accompany the event, but also generally preserves the atmosphere of the wedding, be a sound producer, video engineer, and also a decorator. A professional DJ should be able to support the MC at the right time and give it a tone. DJ should have several background melodies, various sound designs, musical themes for every taste.

He must also have experience of at least 3 years and this profession must be his main source of income. Therefore, it is also important to take into account while choosing the type of activity and the seriousness of the DJ. Why is it important? At least you can avoid elementary troubles at the wedding. You will not entrust your most significant day to any suspicious amateur with poor-quality equipment, sound equipment and microphones from karaoke? Right?

And of course, not the last role in determining a professional wedding DJ plays a portfolio. This is where you can determine the creative way and achievements of the DJ, as well as his personal tastes and preferences. This is one of the best ways and a guarantee that your wedding will take place without any unwanted incidents.

Well, the last role here is assigned to the price of a DJ. It depends on your needs as well as the professional qualities of the DJ. Services are very different and it also depends on the situation. And practice shows that the pricing policy is better to discuss in advance in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

As an ending, we wish all couples good luck in organizing their weddings and avoiding mistakes in choosing a wedding DJ. Anyway, no one is immune to mistakes. But we hope that this article will minimize your mistakes and contribute to a better understanding of the organizational work of your wedding.


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