It is hard to believe in the existence of a woman, who hasn’t dreamed about her special wedding day since childhood. Usually, they have planned out all the details of the wedding ceremony, wedding gown, venue, its design, music, list of guests and even their wedding speech. Women spend hours on ideas of how to make their wedding ceremony so special and unique. First, it depends on your budget. The budget will determine how big and fancy will be the celebration, guest list size, the wedding planning, and its style and even your wedding gown, which sometimes does not meet your expectations. Wedding DJ prices is another point, that needs to fit your budget. It varies depending on the state, city, etc. There are options for affordable wedding DJ prices and expensive ones.


Let’s see the options…

You need to find your choice, which will fulfill your requests and meet expectations. But how much does it cost to organize your wedding or any other special event? What are the range and limit of prices? How to make this day outstanding and add some WOW effects to your special day?

WOWs are different for every people; for some women its grand ceremony, for others it is a crazy wedding after party, for the rest, it could be some emotional speeches. So, each woman dreams to live this day to the fullest, as it is a significant transition date in their life. It is a new phase in life, where she will start to build her own family with her partner. It is a serious step on the long journey to adulthood for both partners. From now on they are committed to care and love each other. It is a very emotional moment. Therefore creating happy memories is the primary object of each wedding planning process. So we need to write down every detail of the upcoming event to avoid any frustration during the ceremony.

A woman wants to feel like a princess this day and enjoy every moment of it. She is a complete center of attention, but at the same time, she wants to make sure that everyone else is enjoying this day along with her. All these moments make the day special, but at the same time very restless and stressful. And here comes the help from outside. There are lots of wedding ceremony planning companies to eliminate the mentioned issues and let you enjoy your day.


There are a variety of companies helping you to plan your special day, event and make it exceptional for the rest of your life. One of these companies is BlueEdge Weddings.

BlueEdge Weddings provides a unique event planning, videography, lightening and DJ/MC services for wedding and corporate occasions in the Bay area.

Ideal DJ and Affordable prices

Music is one of the essential parts of every wedding. Therefore, finding a professional team, who will go above and beyond your expectations is not easy and wedding DJ prices are not cheap. Our team of experienced and talented DJs will deliver outstanding performance for your special event.

Most of our DJs are performing worldwide and have a great sense of multicultural music taste, starting from classic rock to Latin and Bollywood music. We make sure that your wedding or any other special event will be memorized as a stunning and unforgettable day. We are spending over 20 hours to prepare for your special day, by going over all your requests and questions and take time to accommodate them all. The BlueEdge team is committed to providing our customers with the best possible services and prices. If your budget affords it, you can get some customized packages, which will highlight your event’s style and make a great impression on your guests. Our prices Wedding DJ will be based on your desired packages.


Main packages are listed below:

The BlueEdge Exclusive

If you are a big fan of advance science and technology, Star Trek and space exploration, then this exclusive package is for you. Unique DJ light table is guaranteed to impress your guests and make your evening unforgettable. You can also customize the DJ platform based on your requests and create a unique and high-level entertainment experience for your special day.

The Club Experience

For real dance and disco lovers, this package would be a great option. We will be providing you with two Technics 1200 turntables, premium club grade speakers, moving dance lights, subwoofers and large TV monitor for your Video or Love Story presentation.

The Basics

This option will be great for those who prefer a conservative approach for their weddings with no extra elegant glamour. This package comes with two powered speakers, a digital DJ controller, and basic dance light system. It is suitable for small to medium size events, accommodating up to 150 guests.

As you understand, prices for wedding DJ will be based on the package you choose. Additional to listed packages, BlueEdge Weddings also provides customized options for its clients. Our customer can further boost up their experience with us by adding LED walls, LED dance floors and by renting a projector. Our team is ready to accommodate all your visual and music needs and create a fully customized performance for you and your guests.

Additional to our DJs services, BlueEdge Weddings’ professionals also offer a photo booth and flipbook services. A photo booth is a fun way to capture the moments of the event for a lifetime memory. Whether you are looking for something classic, vintage or modern style, BlueEdge Weddings team is here to help you with planning and accommodate all your requests.


All our booths use the latest hardware and software technology, and we guarantee premium quality work. Flipbook is another upgrade version of the photo booth, for those you want some unique experience. Flipbooks will be designed with your personalized covers. Our videographers will make sure that you and your guests will be pleased with our services. Prices for a photo booth and videography services vary based on your requests, same as prices of wedding DJ. We provide a customized and unique approach for each client.


Booking and Financial Inquiries


All our prices include the cost of staffing, set up and travel. To confirm your reservation, we request a 30% non-refundable deposit. We bring backup sound and all the necessary DJ equipment to the venue. To set up everything on time, we arrive 2 hours in advance before the event.  It is highly recommended to do in-advance on-site consultation. BlueEdge provides an initial consultation for free. It will help us to calculate the budget, based on the size of the venue, clients’ special requirements, the area of focus, etc. We also accept clients’ desires about lighting colors, dance floor, and music selection. We take music requests during the event as well.

Overall, our professionals will provide you will guide with the timeline, event flow, music selections, uplighting, monogram lighting, and a photo booth. Even if you are behind the planned schedule, our team will help you to adapt smoothly. Booking is straightforward, and we are very responsible for emails and phone calls.

To keep making our clients happier and happier, we are open to their suggestions, as we value their point of view. All the wedding DJ prices need to be compared based on their references. Therefore, BlueEdge professionals can provide recommendations from previous customers upon request along with all necessary information, such as phone numbers, emails address, so that you can check it yourself. We will need your references later, as our reputation is important for us and we lead our business based on your feedback. Our experienced team members are realistic and do not over promise about their job.


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