Lighting decorations are recognized as a fantastic and modern type of lightings for special occasions and weddings in the Bay Area. There are plenty of businesses that are dealing with the decorations and lighting to make every event, especially, weddings more charming. If your wedding or event will locate in one of the most exciting places in San Francisco, then it is much more interesting that you can transform your event into a breathtaking canvas of light. Innovative lighting in the Bay Area is famous as a work of art during holidays and special events. BluEdge Weddings is considered a unique place when it comes to design innovative lighting for your special days. If you want to own a specific ambiance in your special events, it is essential to focus on lighting design.


Innovative lighting ideas


innovative-lightingAs everything changes in modern life and new technologies emerge they affect lighting designs as well, and they influence every sphere with innovations. Innovative design technologies can make individuals’ vision of an event to come to life. The diversity of innovative lighting helps to create a magical atmosphere in special events of yours.

These are four innovative design solutions to make your wedding or other events shine!

  1.    Use LEDs for Lighting
  2.    Make fantastic effects with pixel mapping
  3.    Get creative with happy tubes
  4.    Move your audience with Moving Heads

Led lightings are one of the most innovative types of design. They accounted for energy efficient and last long hours. Besides, they have chips  which of their colors are manageable

Pixel mapping is something that was rare a few years ago. It came to the innovative lighting business and had many exciting applications that are popular as an innovative lighting idea.

Happy tubes may change the boring offices to fun and exciting places and can decorate events in workplaces such as corporate parties.

Moving heads are the techniques that are controlled by digital motors. These innovative lighting designs are standard due to its possibility of lower lighting budget.

How to choose the best lighting design

Above all, before accepting any innovating lighting in the Bay Area, some factors that need to be taken into account.

  •    In what color and pattern do you want to see your event?
  •    What specific equipment should you use?
  •    How will you use it? In case of lack of proper information, you can get help from lighting design businesses.


Features of innovative lighting designs



Innovative lighting should contain elements that show their difference than others. Lighting for your event is vital. Because when you pay attention to details such as lighting, then it is probable that your event will be extraordinary and fascinating to your guests as well.

The distinctive attributes of innovative lighting contain:

  • Energy efficient – Many of them are directive on energy use, meaning that their light sources are in a specific direction rather than all.
  • The long-lasting -The life span of innovative lighting in Bay Area is long enough which enables you to enjoy your days brightly.
  • Produces less heat – Save money as well as additional expenses you would have needed otherwise.
  •  More color options available – Led lights can create multiple colors by combining single ones.  
  •  Durable – can withstand sudden extreme temperature.


Our Innovative Lighting service in the Bay Area


There are many event organizers in the Bay Area, but BluEdge Wedding provides different events of yours with innovative lighting solutions. Assist in creating a professional ambiance for your events and they even ensure an unforgettable experience. Bistro-lighting, up-lighting and monograms, gobo lights, chandeliers, marquee letters, antique street lamps, bright table decor, decorative LED trees, and much more innovative lighting are designed to make your wedding or event unforgettable. BluEdge creates decorations to be eye-catching for your guests.

Innovative Lighting in the Bay Area can be divided into three parts: the ones for weddings, events and holidays.


Lighting for wedding    



Bistro lighting

This type of innovative lighting is popular for many events. Sometimes it is referred to as market string lights. If you prefer these lights, make sure you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for any venue or occasion. Acrylic or glass patio lights are durable and can bear extreme weather conditions. These lighting types are suitable for parties or other events that take place on grace gardens, streets with influencing people and attracting them with vintage charm.

Gobo lighting

It is one of the innovative lightings that is done with a gobo projector and can add high-impact lighting to your special event. The most crucial thing is that you can make your design or take an existing work of art and convert it into a gobo and make your special night more interesting.

Led trees

The person who is a nature lover and want to create a luminous beauty with a scene, LED trees innovative lighting can be the best. They are useful for both indoor events and outdoor. They look innovative and are with safe electricity, meaning that they are not hot when you touch. These trees with lightings can give a good mood to the guests who come to your wedding.

Antique street lamps

Nowadays weddings are mostly in modern style. People like to organize outdoor events with colorful decorations, and street lamps. Therefore, they are the most preferred options among people for their special days. With these decorative items, it is easy to feel happy and enjoy your special day.  


Chandeliers are one of the best options as touching of elegance. It doesn’t matter whether this is the wedding in a classic or contemporary style.


Lighting designs in different events




We all are aware that the events are not only limited to weddings. Innovative lighting designs cover all the lights need of special occasions from birthdays to music festivals that locate in San Francisco, Bay Area.

Lighting for Holidays

San Francisco is popular with its holiday light decorations. Ornamental fixtures like string lights make holidays unique. Bay Area lights up in the holiday season with various designs and changes into innovative lighting.

Apart from this, there are some types of lighting decorations for events. Such as:

  • Accent lighting- It is easy to attract your guests and enhance the ambiance of reception at your wedding with this type of lighting.
  • Monograms – Dance floor lighting is also added to the decoration of special events, especially, weddings. It will highlight the place where the bride and groom dance at the wedding.  
  • Up-lights – these are used to highlight walls, trees, columns and are capable of changing ‘boring rooms’ into colorful place.
  • Pin spotting- Floral designs may shine with the help of this lighting and adds brightness and beam to each bouquet in your event.
  • Globe string lights- are useful in decorating outdoor places as well as adding some rich ambiance to your event. 
  • Smart lighting – It changes colors and patterns simultaneously.
  • Motion lighting – Similar to the monograms, this type of innovative lighting is placed on the dance floor as well and can help to transform it into the dance club.

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