Why is Wedding day so special? What makes it one of the critical events in our lives? The history of marriage and wedding ceremonies in Europe is going back to the Middle Ages. Not many things have been changed in weddings, except now couples are in love with each other. Therefore, it’s even more important to be prepared for your special day. Future spouses are trying to plan every detail of upcoming event; starting from the guest list, rings, venue, event planning, music and DJ for the day, choice of Lighting and Decor Rental Company, honeymoon and so on. Having said about venue and weddings, it is well-known that Bay Area weddings’ venues are most exclusive and memorable in San Francisco. Many of these venues have spectacular ocean views, which makes them a perfect wedding venue. As an advanced Lighting and Decor Rental Company in the Bay Area, BluEdge is committed to providing innovative and unique high-quality services that meet or exceed our valuable clients’ expectations.

History of Weddings


However, the proof of wedding ceremonies has been found in ancient civilizations as well. Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome had its special and unique wedding traditions. Back in those years, weddings were mostly alliances between two countries or tribes, and there was no space for emotional feelings. They are still an excellent example of marriage traditions. Having said that, we can highlight some very common marriage traditions, such as wedding ring, special bridal and groom attire, a significant preparation for this special day (the protocol and pomp of the ceremony varied based on the wedding owners’ income level), planned division of duties between spouses, recognition of this ceremony socially and legally and etc.

Lighting and Decor in Wedding

Apart from the venue choice, another important decision is the selection of the Lighting and Decor Rental Company.  Unless you are planning to keep your guests in the dark, lightning is playing a massive role in wedding decoration. When done professionally, lighting and decor can transform your event into a fairytale. Flowers, illumination, the mix of necessary accessories, the right choice of lights will make your ceremony look luxury and pomp. But before the actual decoration, every couple needs to clarify what style do they want to decorate their wedding. Could it be candlelight and country-site style or modern style with LED lights or maybe some classic approach with elegant candelabras?  Here is when the Lighting and Decor Rental Company could be beneficial and where you need to find a real company for Lighting and Decor Rental professionals to organize everything on behalf of you.

BluEdge Weddings


BluEdge Weddings is one of the companies who is providing the lighting, decor, wedding DJ/MC, photo booth services in the Bay Area. BluEdge professionals will provide you with comprehensive support for lighting and decoration. Their offered packages will mainly depend on where is the couple going to hold the event; outdoor or indoor. Before making their decision, couple need to visit the venue at the same time of the day, as their wedding, in order to understand how bright is sunshine during the afternoon in the site, how many lighting accessories will be involved for the dark time, is the built-in lighting is enough or additional units are needed?

Another essential point is, to check if it is allowed by law to add some extra light to the venue. As sometimes the couple chooses parks for their ceremony and some parks have some restrictions for big events. In the case of indoor hosting, the owners need to discuss with the company about the possibility of renting a backup generator. It will solve their concerns about electricity/power shortage.

In one word, no matter of occasion, BluEdge professionals will accommodate your needs and will make your wedding memories unforgettable for the rest of your life. Being an innovative Lighting and Decor Rental Company in the Bay Area,  BluEdge Weddings offers a variety of lighting and decor options, based on customers’ needs. Below are listed services provided by the company.



Uplighting is a widespread and sophisticated approach to decorate your ceremony. Sometimes when candles and built-in lights are not enough, couples can consider the uplighting option. There are some Pros and Cons of uplighting. Uplighting could be helpful to highlight some notable areas or the scene, such as a cake table or a bride and groom’s table. The other point is that it is easy to decorate with uplighting, and easy to modify on site. This option is also the safest one. The couple can book Lighting and Decor service, which will be helpful with LEDs, that produce a lot of lighting in different colors with less heat release.

Talking about Cons, we need to admit that, you cannot use LEDs outside, if they are not waterproof, as it may lead to a fire. Another drawback with uplighting is regarding its color sensitivity. If the wrong color is chosen, the whole ceremony could be destroyed. All these factors need to be considered while deciding on wedding decorations.

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting is a customized approach. Many couples choose to project their names, a meaningful quote for them or a unique message. Also known as a gobo projection, this option is comparatively inexpensive and let to give a personalized touch to the event. Usually, couples use this option to share something very personal with their guests.


Texture Lighting


Texture lighting can change the entire room by adding some pattern to boring white walls and ceiling. You can make it seem like a blue night full of bright stars, or you can feel as in one of Middle Ages European Castles. This type of lighting is usually using as an accent to Uplight lighting. It is a projection of an image to a wall, ceiling or curtains, etc. It also could be customized to match your overall event’s theme.


String lighting


String lighting is also known as market lighting with small bulbs, also known as Italian lights. Nowadays, it is a trendy option in weddings to have both, indoor and outdoor decorations. This lighting usually created by frosted LED bulbs, which are waterproof and remain cool to touch. Sizing and quality could be managed according to customers’ needs. String lighting is famous for traditional or countryside style decorations and brings some cozy and warm atmosphere. As a competent Lighting and Decor Rental Company, BluEdge professionals are well-qualified in string lighting.



Event draping is another way of decoration. BluEdge professionals will assist you with the material, color, design and draping options for the venue. You can add some elegance with draped ceiling to your event or decorating your entrance with chandeliers. The chandeliers will add some glamour touch. Service prices can vary based on your request.

All the above-listed elements are essential parts of wedding decoration, and they complement each other. For example, draping and texture lighting correctly work together and create a whole decoration product. The BluEdge team will be happy to transform the venue with our lighting and decoration services. As a professional Lighting and Decor Rental Company, we guarantee our service quality. Our team members offer confidence, on-time performance, along with early arrival to the site, emergency staff for unexpected cases, dedication to customers’ satisfaction and happiness. BluEdge professionals have a big experience of holding weddings and other events in the Bay Area for over fifteen years.


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