The way you decorate the space with lights can dramatically change it. With the help of lights, you can set a tone, create a mood, add coziness and a soul. If you want your wedding hall to look incredible, do not forget to think about wedding lights as with most things: it is all about the little details. And do not forget there is always a way to bring in to the reality what is in your and your partner’s head. Explore, experiment and find the right wedding light for your important day! But also do not get too stressed about it, because at the end it is not about the lights, flowers, and venue, it is about celebrating your love with the most beloved people from your life. We all know too well how hectic a wedding preparation can get, so we have created a guideline about the right wedding lights for you.  

There are millions of ways to choose the illumination, and we believe this list will help you get started and inspired.


Wedding Lights

Adding candles as a part of the lighting can add so much warmth and can be a perfect addition to the decoration. There are so many ways on how to use the candles: between the flowers, on the floor, on the guest’s tables or particular dedicated table for candles or even on the stairs. The candles are a perfect fit for both indoors and outdoors wedding celebrations. Do not be afraid of safety. You can place the candles in the beautiful looking glass vases or inside the lanterns or what about floating candles among colorful flowers. There is also a safer substitute such as faux candles. You can mix them with lanterns, and we promise you it will still look mesmerizing.

Moroccan/Turkish lights

Always wanted to feel like Jasmine on your wedding and have a dream wedding? Moroccan style wedding lights will do the job. It does not matter if they are hanged from the ceiling, or used as decorative lamps on the floor; it will add an eastern mystery. There are many varieties of Morrocan lights, and you could choose from elegant metallic ones to bright, vibrant lamps.

Disco balls

You have always been a dancing queen, and you are not planning to sit still on your wedding day. Disco balls are another our favorite way to bring some lights to a wedding. You can hang a few of them from the ceiling (some of them lower than other), or you can have one big glowing disco ball in the middle surrounded by ceiling drapes. Just imagine dancing your beloved song with love of your life.



What a beautiful and classy way to decorate the hall and create astonishing wedding light! And do not worry if you want to have your wedding outdoors, there are ways how you can make use of chandeliers. Green trees and hanging chandeliers with different heights make such a gorgeous combination. Crystal chandeliers will bring glam and coolness to any venue.

String lights

Probably one of the best ways for outdoor wedding lights. You can get all creative with this type of lights, and it could be mixed with greenery, wrapped around the tree, hung from the ceiling. Another incredibly romantic way would be to cover the lights with some faux flowers. Just imagine how those climbing vine type flowers will look graceful and glowing. String lights go well with other lights, and you can create various combinations. If you create balls from string lights and hang from above, it will appear unique. Just one of the hundred ways to use it as a wedding light.  


White lanterns can turn any place to a magical ballroom. They could be hung only from the middle of the ceiling or spread out. It is such a beautiful yet simple way to lighten the tent, hall or a wedding organized under the open sky. It is also one of the budget-friendly options. Lanterns can also be used to cloture the ceremony. Your guests can gather and release their lantern (maybe wedding wishes can be written on it) at the end of the evening. This final touch will leave your guests speechless.


Yes, you read it right, mirrors! They can reflect light and give you an illusion of space. You could use them for trays or also add them into your photo booth. Depending on the style and theme you can combine with different accessories such as flowers, candles. Bonus tip, the guests can write their wishes on the mirrors, simple lipstick can do the trick.

Fairy lights

Wedding Lights

Oh, a wedding like a fairy tale. As name talks for itself fairy lights are made to turn your wedding into a romantic fairy tale. Our suggestion would be to place them on the table, hang them from a tree, decorate the photo booth. The main advantage of this lightning style is that it is budget friendly and enables you to be very creative with the disposition of your lights. As most of the fairy lights are LED lights; it also means that you do not have to worry about health and safety, you can place them everywhere. Pay attention as to whether you need them outside or inside (some are specially designed to cater to outside celebrations).


What a fun way to add some lights and brightness to a wedding. There are quite a few types of sparklers. One of them is curly sparkler, and it comes with a different shape such as letters, star or heart shaped. Huge sparklers, they are known for their enormous height and sometimes it can reach 2 meters. You could use this while performing your first dance. Small sparklers are a perfect way to engage your guests. Before including them to your wedding, check beforehand all the necessary precautions. You do not want to burn your beautiful dress or cause some damage to the floor.

Illuminated signs

Well-chosen signs can make such a statement! They are perfect as a decor and lighting option. You can choose between neon lights and light up letters. They could describe lots of things such as your names or ‘The Best Day Ever’. This kind of lighting suits fits wells with rustic, bohemian kind of weddings.

A bit of everything


If you are struggling to choose one style, you can always mix and match. If your reception is outdoors, you can combine lanterns with string lights and decorate the indoors with ultimate glamorous chandeliers and candles on the vintage candle holders.  There is no one way and strict guideline!

While choosing wedding lights, you should consider all the details: style and theme of the wedding, the mood you want to create, the music, other decorations, different elements and areas of the venues, such as photo booth, stage for dancing and musicians, table setting, type of the wedding: outdoors or indoors. Everything is interrelated and affects how all the details will turn at the end. Wedding lights are extraordinary and probably the most magical element of the wedding venue. It is so powerful that the right wedding lighting will make everything appear better and highlight the details.   


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