What is wedding photography? Wedding photography is a photo activity related to the wedding ceremony. This includes photos of the pre-marital couple, as well as the scope of the wedding and reception. The actual practice of photography at the wedding has started since the invention of photographic art in 1827 by Joseph Nicephoe Niepce. However, in the early photography days, many couples did not hire photographers for their wedding as such a service did not exist. Due to the nature of the large equipment and lighting problems many photographers faced, wedding photography was largely a studio practice for most of the late 19th century. Whereas photo booth’s photography took off in the early 2000s as quality digital cameras and compact photo printers became available. Nowadays, thanks to the developments in technology we have tools such as a photo booth to help us. Entrepreneurs and photographers began using photo booth’s photography at weddings and other events, which led to their huge popularity in 2005.

It helps in preserving important memories of your event. Many companies offer photo booth’s photography rental services, but you have to make sure you go for the right provider for the quality service. 


photo booth's photography

How does this work?


The photo booth service is the most popular if not an essential part of the entertainment for wedding receptions these days. Guests attending the wedding will for sure have fun, be entertained, and most importantly will be able to capture the fun moments they have together. No more lopsided, blurry images; instead the guests’ selfies can be taken using the photo stands. Another benefit of such service is that it allows you to place your camera wherever you want and make your guests take funny pictures upon arrival, before leaving or in the middle of the event.

There are plenty of special effects to personalize your photography. Some of the popular ideas are custom printing on the edge of your pictures, additional sets of prints, view all images online or even project the images from the booth so that the images could entertain the guests in the meantime. This kind of photography usually takes four pictures, four seconds apart and within 20 seconds, so you have 6X4 quality photos available straight after. There are a number of pods to choose from, which include black or white, sparkly pink and blue leopard prints.

Normal Photography vs. Photo booth photography


Some people find it difficult to choose between normal wedding photography (hiring a photographer) or renting a photographer. Each has its own advantages, but what many don’t realize is that nowadays thanks to amazing technology a photo booth can do what only the most talented photographers can do. Here is how photobooth outperforms traditional photography:

  • A photo booth’s photography can get people to loosen up and move past their natural inhibitions
  • They can capture tons of hilarious moments
  • Guests can get creative and direct their own photo shoots. Even your most timid guest will have fun if he has fake mustache or glasses of large size.
  • Unlike humans, it keeps taking pictures for the full length of the event without getting tired and losing enthusiasm.
  • Only takes photos when guests are ready.
  • It allows retakes if guests are not happy with their picture.
  • Photo booth gets photos of all. No one is forgotten or excluded.
  • It can be both classic and modern making it appropriate for guests of all ages.

photo booth's photography

There are many more advantages, but you get the picture by now. Talented photographers are amazing at a wedding but finding the right one is a tough process. Save yourself a hassle by using one of the services and hiring photo booth from “BluEdge Weddings”.


Things to consider when hiring a photo booth service


Professionalism – It is important to choose a professional team, provision of all video works beforehand, clips, advertising techniques, and their professionalism when choosing the Photobooth providers. Professional teams can usually stand out with their experience, award-winning certificates on the website as well as original and creative content ideas for wedding.

Reasonable price – there are many companies that offer Photo booth’s photography service so fair and reasonable price will help you differentiate between them. Choosing a reasonable price is as important as other features in the photo booth rental.

Technical options – The design and dressing of the wanted pattern and exterior coatings for photo booth area is vital. It is also important to check for related accessories and entertainment equipment for Photo booth’s photography.

Lead the way – brides and grooms must intervene! Photos with a happy couple are golden on a big day, and on the stand, it is easy to take lots of pictures with all your guests.

Flattering lighting and picture quality – All are invited to the wedding, and your photo studio should show everyone in the best light. Check out the company’s previous event galleries to see the quality of the photos they provide. 

Choose a booth with an attendant – an attendant will encourage people into the booth and take photos. The booth needs to be easy to operate but a responsible person that comes with it can help if something goes wrong on a special day as your wedding.


Include a guest book – a guest book for friends and your family to stick their photos in and write messages is an excellent addition to your photo booth. Not only will it encourage people to leave memories it will also be fun to participate. You can order yours and receive advice from qualified professionals in Photo booth’s photography.

Social media sharing and hashtags – Want your friends to post to social media with your hashtags? So many events today are going social thanks to the photobooth at weddings. It’s a fun way to see all your friends behind the scenes memories and how they are enjoying your wedding. Just ask for a possibility to share your photos instantly when looking for a Photobooth service.

Sometimes wedding receptions can be boring for any standard wedding guest. The usual reception includes the same tradition of cake cutting, bouquet toss, and first dance. To be original and make your wedding reception into a fabulous event for your guests, then you should definitely consider having a photo booth service.

Achieving the best and the most desired pictures can often be challenging even with professional photographers. The best way to get lots of photos of your guests while they are dancing or playing with each other is via photo booth photography. It allows you to take the kind of pictures which will last for ages and remind of this event in the future. Renting a photo booth is now an integral part of the wedding and should always be considered as your main option. By adding one of the packages on top of the Photo booth’s photography you can create a truly amazing entertainment experience at your wedding for both you and your guests!



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