Thinking about wedding decoration can be very fun and exciting. You can get all creative and surprise your guests. In this blog, we came up with wedding decoration ideas which are designed for outdoor celebrations. Exchanging vows in a beautiful forest under stars accompanied by acoustic guitar and birds songs. What a dream wedding! Beach weddings have the best decorations in the world – blue sea, golden sand, and a purple sky! When you are surrounded by beautiful nature, you can go easy on decorations.

Use of wood

Wood materials look great at weddings which are organized outdoors, among lots of greenery. You can choose wooden table and chairs. The bar area can be designed with wooden boxes and big barrels. Add some flowers (you can upcycle wine bottles and use them as a vase, environmentally – friendly and will look very authentic), add some candles (you can still use the wine bottles). The wooden decor is also perfect for a photo booth area. You can even think about having decorative ladders. You can place their sitting plan and add some photos.


Adding carpets will add coziness and warmth to your wedding. And also it is a very stylish decor. You can use different small mats or one big rug. The carpets can be placed in different spots: under the tables, in the photo booth or at the reception area or in the middle, for barefoot dances (no one likes to dance with shoes!).

Flowers and greenery




Dressing the tables are an essential part of wedding decoration. The simplest and the most aesthetically pleasing way would be adding flowers and some green. If flowers take too much space from the table, you can hang them from the ceiling drape or light strings.


Think about the basics. As much as attending a wedding at the beach can sound fun, walking on the sand with shoes will not be so comfortable for guests. Arrange some baskets with signage for your guests where they leave their shoes so they can enjoy the celebration at the wedding barefoot. Another must items for hot summer weddings by the sea is fan and sunscreen. Dedicate a small table at the entrance and place essential items in cute little baskets. The guests will appreciate it!


A wooden arch decorated with white drape and peons will look gorgeous. Bonus tip, you can alternate flowers with sea star and some corals this will add additional touch.

Sea decor

Decorating your wedding with sea stars, corals, seashells and stones will add playfulness. You can use natural items or purchased ones. Both will do the job. So how can you use sea life as a decoration? Use seashells as candle holders, hang sea stars from trees, add colorful stones to vases.

Straw Bale




When you decide to organize your wedding in the open air, you can have organic and natural choices for decoration. You can add some table cloth, and comfy pillows and straw bales can serve as table and seating. They will add a festival and bohemian vibes for your celebration. Straw bales can also be used as a station for drinks. If you worry about the stability  add some wooden pallets on top them, decorate it with some flowers and veils and confidently place your bottles and glasses on them  


We all know quite well that an outdoor wedding can be very exhausting, hot temperature and wind, for example, can affect your guests. The guests will be thankful for the coziness that couch, puffs or hammock can bring after hours spent on the dancefloor!   

Dream catchers

Hanging stuff from the trees is always a win!  Dream catchers are one of the famous bohemian wedding decoration for outdoor weddings. Mixed with some lamps they can create a stunning decor.


Mirrors are multifunctional decor items at weddings. If you are all about the little details, then think about adding them to your decoration list. You can print table numbers on them; golden color will look stunning. Wedding welcome on glass signage designed with flowers and with a vintage frame is also one of our favorites. You can use mirrors as trays too.

Candles holders




Candles are classic wedding decoration, which will enhance the ceremony remarkably. Candelabras are perfect for vintage and gothic inspired weddings. Hanging glass candle holders and floating candles either solely on water or surrounded with flowers are some modern ways of decoration.

Pampas grass

Are you inspired by art deco style and you want your wedding to be chic and sparkling like parties from the Great Gatsby movie? Add pampas grass to your wedding decor list. Set them up on long glass vases and decorate tables, you can trim the arch and backdrops with them, their soft material and neural color will add delicacy and class.


Many choices are available to make your most important day fabulous. Geometric terrarium centerpieces are made for modern weddings. Depending on your wedding location you can add different flowers and greeneries inside.  


Designing your wedding menu will be central to the success of your big day. We suggest using the entrance to place your guest and lay out the different activities that will happen over the day. Some may also decide to include the food menu on it.


The way you decorate the tables and even how you design the layout plays an important vital role in the wedding decoration. Lets us give you some fresh ideas! Long wooden tables decorated with candles and some greenery (they can serve as a coaster for plates); round tables with beautiful tablecloths with a big glass vase and white and red roses; golden tableware surrounded by foliage.


Still convinced that balloons are for kid parties and cannot be the part of your big day? We got some great ideas about how you can utilize balloons and make your celebration stand out. Decorate the entrance with an oversized cascade of balloons (go for pastel colors), add strings to the helium balloons and write wishes on them.



What a classic! Cover the path with mixed colored leaves, guests can shower newly married couples with them.


During the daytime, lanterns will be stylish decor, and in the evenings they create romantic and soft lighting.  


Pay attention to your settings as they will need to be practical but yet stylish. Think about the outside environment and how specific material might not suit outside hot weather, go for comfortable cushions and dress them in flowers and delicate fabric.


Outdoor games

Fun times! One of the best advantages of being outside is that you get the chance to play! We advise you to look up for team games which can be performed by many, for example, moolky, giant janga, croquet.

Ceiling drape




As you will be outside you will have to think about the feasibility of this decor. Trees decorated with curtains and string lights will look great. However, beach weddings will need to use some arches and structures (consider the wind). Ceiling drapes can bring a very romantic touch to your outdoor wedding so do not miss out!


A nice sleek yet simple idea to use for your outdoor wedding. Names of the bride and groom can be simply put on neon signage and constitute a central element of your decor either behind the photo boot or at a strategic place in your venue.


An outside wedding means anticipation! The last thing you want is to get stressed about a possible change in weather for that reason you will need to plan for the worst and make sure you have some tents to accommodate in case of weather poor condition. Tents can blend very smoothly in your decor; we suggest having some look at Bedouin style, oriental style but also a circus-style tent that can bring style and practicality at the same time.


We love using chalkboards because they are very flexible and you can adjust the text on them quickly. They are used displaying menus, writing your favorite love quotes, the name of bride and groom. This is a stylish yet straightforward wedding decoration.


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