Ready for a big party?

Are you getting married and want to have a non-ordinary wedding that every guest will remember forever? Or to have a party or any kind of special event that the participants will have memorable moments? Then bluEDGE is here for you with its best offers. As you know, photos are the best tools to keep special moments alive. The bluEDGE has several creative photographing ways: flipbook, green screen, photo booth, slow motion booth, and etc. One of the entertaining ways of taking photos is flipbook rentals.


Flipbook rentals in San Francisco

Flipbooks are little thick books that contain serial of photos, in other words, flipbooks are the transformation of a short video into many photos. Only in just a few seconds, people at your event will have cute and unique pictures with special effects and lights taken. Also, your friends, guests, family members can have customized album photo in their flipbooks; as you choose our photo booth & flipbook rentals, you will send your guests home with booklets with personalized covers that fit their interest the best.

Flipbooks themselves are stories: 8 seconds-long video you can show your enjoyment and happiness that are transformed into booklets. Depending on your wish, there are 24 and 48-page booklets.


Professional Service


bluEDGE offers photo booth rentals which are the best for taking stable photos. With the best lights and effects, your guests will adore the quality and funny process of taking photos.

Also, for the best quality and service, two qualified staff come with the photo booth and ensure that all your guests will get all the joy out of it and have the best photo shooting experience. So, all you have to do is just be yourself and come together with your friends.

We are available in San Francisco. For booking, you can find more information contact us.

Other Offers:


Photo booth

Your guests will have tons of moments captured by the photo booth. Unlike human photographers, without feeling tired photo booth will shoot unlimited photos and will capture hilarious moments that human-photographers usually are not able to see.

Besides having a lot of funny moments captured, the photo booth has special effects like mustache or glasses. It is now getting more and more popular and has become one of the essential parts of every wedding.

Green screen

If you have not heard about green screen, then sit closer: it is a video and film technique to choose for your customized background like filmmakers do in the movies! It is one of the coolest photographing technique that blued offers to let you have the coolest, a creative and desired photo booth in special events.


Reasons to Choose Us

There are several competitive wedding event managers that also offer a photo booth, but there are several reasons that make bluEDGE the best.

Firstly, we offer a booth that uses the latest hardware and software technology with premium quality.

Secondly, we are a hundred percent sure and confident that you will be glad to work with us. Regardless of the type of booth, bluEDGE guarantees you to have a lot of unforgettable moments captured.

Thirdly, it is easy to book. bluEDGE offers an easy price and hours table to choose from. All you have to do is to decide what kind of booth are you interested in.

Overall, if you want to have all your hilarious and sweet moments captured in a creative and cool way, do not even think twice to get flipbook rentals! We guarantee that your guests, even the shyest ones will have a lot of fun on your special day: it will bring everyone together, and this day will always stay on their minds forever.