Do you want to please your guests with something unusual and unique? Do you want a holiday to be unforgettable? Photo booths rental is an opportunity to please every guest of the event in the Bay Area with instantly printed photos, as well as an excellent advertising tool that greatly attracts attention! Let’s assume that you are getting married, or for your birthday, or for some positive reason, as well as corporate events, you are organizing a party. In this sense, you want to have unforgettable memories from these special days and your greatest witnesses of your happiness are your photos. Everyone wants to have incredibly beautiful photos so that happy moments from those days could remain forever. Enthusiasm for taking photos makes photo booths important. Today the photo booths rental in the Bay Area has become more accessible.


Renting a classic photo booth with interchangeable backgrounds, or lightweight photo booth (photo stand) is a rental of a specially equipped place with studio lighting to get the best quality photos. Finding a good rental service with high-level professionalism is not an easy task.


Of course, meeting all the requirements and wishes of customers is not an easy task. It requires a good creative ability, large vision, professionalism in work and customer satisfaction. At present, if we consider that there are many photo booths rental services in the Bay Area, all of them offer their services and think they are best. An exclusive photo booth is made for each event, reflecting the spirit and style of the event. Exceptional quality, rich functionality and significant customer benefits will satisfy even the most sophisticated wishes.


Choose your photo booth! For what purposes are photo booths used?

Below we summarized some of these purposes:


  • Presentations and exhibitions


Rental of photo booths with the function of integration with social networks is a great advertising move that allows customers to increase brand awareness and the wide possibilities of branding the photo booths aim to attract new customers.


  • Corporate Events


A photo booth for an event will turn an ordinary banquet into a feast in the circle of dear colleagues. Interactive change of backgrounds and a large number of personal accessories allows you to make bright and creative photos. The photo booth or photo stand will not go unnoticed, because everyone loves to print photos from Instagram. The rental companies offer a photo booth for rent for any corporate events. Choose from a variety of photo booth design options to see how best you can present a corporate style.


  • Weddings and parties


Do you want to prepare a long-awaited wedding celebration or theme party or make the happiest day of your life even brighter! Let the memories of this amazing day remain on a hundred charming pictures that everyone can make in our photo booth. Order a photo booth for a wedding.

Wedding – one of the most wonderful and memorable days in life!

All will make sure that everything is perfect. So that the guests did not get bored at the buffet, and everyone was having fun and cozy. Everyone will want to take a picture and get a memorable picture. In addition, printing is done in several copies, so that guests can paste a photo into the book of wishes and write pleasant words to the young couple. Special wedding decoration for a photo booth or a photo stand will create the necessary atmosphere for a celebration. Having rented a photo booth, you do not have to wait for long photos, because they are printed instantly!

Search online to find the right photo booths rental company

If you are looking for the way of finding a rental company researching online is one of the best. Taking into account the importance of the internet in the world, there are several ways of researching online like Yelp or Google Business. These platforms will be useful to you. These websites include information about most companies. At the same time, you should also consider the customer’s comments on the service provided by the company. By checking the official page of the company in the websites like Facebook, Twitter page, Instagram or other social media websites, you can find them.

What do customers prefer when choosing a photo booth rental service company?

What suggestions and qualities are important?

  1. Photo booth design
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Professional video, promotion services, and rental services
  4. Diversity of technical options
  5. A professional team

Photo booth design


A photo booth with a unique and colorful design will be created for your holiday, the atmosphere of celebration and individuality will be provided according to your choice. The design can be any at the request of the customer, which allows you to customize the photo booth for your brand or overall style.

Reasonable price

Given the fact that there are many companies that offer photo booths rental in the Bay Area, fair and reasonable pricing plays a crucial role. Choosing the best prices of photo booths is as important as other features of the photo booth rental in the Bay Area. We should not ignore the suitability of price with the offered services neither.

Professional video, promotion services, and Photo Booth Rental Services

Trusting the wedding reception to a photo company with a professional team, provision of all video works, promotional films, clips, advertising, desktop advertising films, social media, editing, digital media services and photo booth rental at a high level is the dream of every customer who wants to have a photo booth in the event.

The diversity of technical options

When we talk about technical support, we consider the followings:

– The design and dressing of the desired pattern and exterior coatings for the photo booth;

– Supply of related accessories and entertainment equipment for the photo booth;

– Technical staff support throughout the event.


Professional team

To serve the customers and organizations to provide specialized professional photo booth services is the main duty of a professional team.

By choosing professional photo booths rental service team in the Bay Area, which creates all the projects with unique and creative photo booth techniques on the basis of creating uniqueness and difference, also offers sectoral solutions with advertisers, art directors, copywriters, fiction and installation team you will get great enjoyment. A professional team should be:

  • Experienced
  • Award-winning and recommended
  • Professional and institutional
  • Original and creative

Photo booths are now an integral part of competently conducting an event, regardless of format. The design depends on the request of the customer, which allows you to stylize the photo booth for your desire. Photo booths rental for a wedding, corporate event, graduation party or any other event is a great idea for entertaining guests in the Bay Area! This fun attraction will make your event truly unforgettable!


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