The groom and the bride are often fooled into thinking that choosing the right music for their wedding is a piece of cake. They usually expect that it won’t take them more than a week or two to set up these seemingly simple arrangements. However, choosing the right type of music for your guests, and deciding whether you should invite a professional wedding DJ or go for a pre-made wedding party playlist is typically time-consuming and nerve-wracking. BluEdge Weddings offers a selection of a professional wedding DJ in San Jose along with other services to take the load off your shoulders.




Professional wedding DJ San Jose


Most of us have a particular memory of the best wedding party we attended.  It is common to imagine your perfect wedding day based on that memory. When planning your wedding, you are likely to start writing a clear-cut plan for the wedding and organizing every single detail, of course, taking into account that most memorable wedding party. To make your wedding party just as memorable for your guests, you and your fiance most probably spend a good deal of time making sure everything goes as planned. By being immersed in the time-consuming process of wedding preparations, you might put off taking care of critical components such as choosing a musician.

At first sight, it might seem that choosing to have a wedding party where the music is played off of a playlist is a cheaper and less troublesome option. But I suggest you don’t jump to that conclusion. Because there are many criteria to consider, and way more details to plan a wedding with the party based on a personal playlist. Here are some ineluctable tips that every couple planning a wedding in San Jose without a professional wedding DJ will need.




Professional wedding DJ San Jose


The main reason why you would opt for a wedding dance party based on a playlist is that you and your fiance are the ones creating the playlist. Although you can ask a friend with taste in music that matches yours, to create your wedding music playlist, it is always best to focus on it yourself. Here is why. Your friend with good taste in music might not know what your dream party sounds. On top of that, your friend might completely ignore the preferences of all the attendees, which could leave the dance floor empty. No one wants a wedding with bored guests, right?

That is why when creating your wedding playlist it would be great if you and your fiance consider the age groups and style preferences that would be more interesting in your wedding. If you have a hard time with playlist creation, here are the Top 10 Wedding Songs that you can start your playlist with and broaden it based on your preferences.

Putting a smile on each others’ faces is just as crucial as amusing your guests. For this reason, you should be comfortable playing your secret, cherished, and emotional songs. At the end of the day, it is YOUR wedding.

It is better to follow a music plan to make the whole playlist creating process more comfortable and more fruitful. Making sure to include top crowd-pleasers other than your personal favorites is necessary. This way you have better chances of getting everyone to stay on the dance floor for longer. When your music plan is ready, and you checked all the bullet points in your checklist you need to start organizing the songs in the playlist so that the songs make sense and the playlist has a natural flow to it.

If you want your wedding dance party to be an unforgettable one, it would be excellent to build up and ease down the dance floor a couple of times. And to ensure fascination of the crowd, conclude the night on an energizing point by building up the flow to its highest. To add even more smoothness to your wedding music playlist, using gapless playback and crossfade is a fantastic solution.





How would you execute the dance party at your wedding to produce just as thrilling of vibes as in a club dance party? Of course, just like you would perform it in a club. That’s right! Speakers! Renting this type of equipment is the best option. But all of this has to be resolved at least a month before the wedding ceremony. This way you would have the chance to test out the speakers, make sure they are in perfect condition. With the purpose of making your wedding day less tiring, assigning a trustworthy friend of yours to make sure that the playlist is playing just right, is a splendid idea. Your trusted music-watcher should be responsible for testing, re-testing, and making sure that the speakers are errorless.

A convenient way to play the music is through an MP3 player or an iPod. But a terrific method is to use a laptop. CNET provides more detailed tips on how to DJ your wedding. Whichever device you are planning to use in your wedding dance party, make sure it is connected to the wall power at all times, so you are not left in a comical situation that might feel like hell at the time. Another good tip is to have multiple backups of the playlist, as well as have the playlist on an offline source. Such circumstances like having no internet do not cause any inconvenience on your special day.


There are so-called club DJs. Sometimes they attend weddings. But the focus of club DJs is only on getting the dance floor heated. Club DJs cannot replace the fun and romantic wedding presenter or a professional wedding DJ in San Jose, because the less they speak, the happier they are. If you want your wedding to spotlight the dance floor, then hiring a club DJ is the right choice for you.



Professional wedding DJ San Jose


Professional wedding DJs are like wedding presenters but with more music. They often make announcements that make the bride and the groom feel extraordinarily awkward. But to some extent, that’s what makes weddings even more joyous.

There are things a professional DJ should always follow. One of them is following a list of songs that are specifically asked to play by the bride and the groom. A professional DJ should also avoid playing songs that he or she discussed with the future husband and wife not to be played at the wedding under any circumstances. The rest of the playlist that is mixed and played at the wedding depends on the DJ only. At the end of the day, the professional wedding DJ knows how to keep the party moving and the crowd jiving in San Jose.


The details mentioned above are the tip of the iceberg of managing the music at your wedding. The full process is much more complicated and lengthy than that. With the restlessness prior to your wedding, this process becomes even more unachievable and more likely to run short. Hiring a professional wedding DJ in San Jose ensures that you will save your nerves, time, and money. Exclusive packages are offered by BluEdge propose a large number of options of professional wedding DJ in San Jose. The BluEdge team members work and deliver their services with excellence so that you will always be sure that you made the right choice.


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