The history of photo booths began nearly in the 19th century, and surely they have changed their shapes and forms a lot since then. A photo booth is a vending machine that has an automated camera and a chair in it, so you won’t need anyone to take your photo. They are usually coin-operated. Photo booth shopping can be a bit tricky, so if you are looking for the best photo booth while shopping, you need to check a few things before going further. There is no better way than taking photos to collect great memories to remember and cherish them in the future. Photos had become our obsession long before and passed a long way of evolution since then.

Photo booths were invented to make passport photos in the beginning, but today it serves more than its original purpose. You can see photo booths everywhere these days: at parties, birthdays, weddings ceremonies, corporate events, etc. It is popular because it’s fun. What is not to love? You go in, make silly faces with your friends, family and there you are! Something to remember for many years after that day.

Reviews and references



Photo booths are very family-friendly, and the most significant advantage of it is that it is for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your grand aunt or your toddler cousin; everyone will have fun in photo booths. To make sure that you are getting the right photo booth, pay attention to the reviews and references of the company.

If the company is confident enough of its work’s quality, they should not have any problem with showing their clients’ reviews or directing you to their past references. The feedback of other clients is always assuring to read; that way you can be sure that nobody’s fooling you. It applies to photo booth shopping as well. Before deciding on which photo booth to buy, make sure you have done comprehensive research. You can always rely on us in this matter.


Licenses and insurance


Before starting photo booth shopping, you might want to be sure of your family’s and friends’ safety first. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises. You wouldn’t want your birthday, wedding, welcoming party, etc. to be ruined because of some unlikely accident, however it is possible. Accidents happen all the time in the most unimaginable places. Photo booths might not seem like a place to have an accident, but don’t let fate decide for you!

All vendors are responsible for carrying liability insurance, and most of the venues will require them. This way there is no doubt left to the professionalism of the business, and it is crucial for protecting yourself and your guests from any dangerous or unwanted events. Liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects in any case of damage or injury to the people or property.

We can guarantee the safety of yourself and beloved ones.

The quality of pictures



When you decide on which photobooth to buy, one of the critical points is the quality of the photos. Your photo booth shopping can go dreadfully wrong if your pictures at the end are of mediocre quality.

The quality of photos is very crucial today. Everybody wants everything to be the highest quality. Especially in your special days, you want everything to be perfect. If you seek to be happy at the end of your photo booth shopping journey make sure that the quality of the photos. The photo booth company that you have decided to work with should explain to you in detail the quality of the pictures and what to expect from the results. You should ask for sample photos or previous clients’ pictures as evidence.

Photo booths should contain a DSLR or SLR camera. If they use webcams, iPads or phone cameras, there is no point in buying that photo booth, because you can easily reach the same quality with your own phone’s camera. Know which kind of camera they have in the room and make a little search on the internet before having a final decision.

We highly value our customers and this is the reason we work hard to give you the best quality that you deserve. That’s why all of our photo booths serve the latest technology designed for a flawless experience.

Contracts and back-up plans

Photo Booth Shopping


Photo booth shopping is not a usual activity, as you don’t buy a photo booth every day. So you might want to make sure of everything in detail before purchasing the actual product.

Photo booth booking always should be managed with a contract. Some companies will have an abundance in their contracts and state that they are responsible only for up to 50% of the functioning of their products. That means as long as the booths function correctly for the half time of your event, everything is covered. In order not to be unhappy at the end, read everything written on the contract very carefully to make sure that you have understood every single point.

Back-up plans are as much important as the contracts. Photo booths have lots of equipment and parts that work simultaneously. Things break or malfunction all the time, the only thing you can do is to have a back-up plan to cover for the breakdown. Make sure to ask your photo booth company if they have an additional booth available in case of an emergency.

The key point to consider

Another thing you might need to check out before buying a photo booth is the prices. Some companies charge for every little additional thing. Those hidden fees are hazardous because once you see that they want to get as much money from you as they can, you can doubt their work ethic. There are many legitimate companies that you can trust; that’s why you should search beforehand. Ask your friends, acquaintances, or family to recommend you or search on Google with the help of reviews of previous clients. Photo booths might not be that expensive, but they are also not certainly cheap either, so make sure you spend your money on the right one.

Photo Booth Shopping


The location also matters quite a lot. It is crucial that the company is familiar with your venue. Local knowledge is handy in this case so that your company knows their way around your location. They should also know where to set up the booth best, so it wouldn’t be an obstacle in your guest’s way.

Photo booths have been around for some time, and today it is vastly used on various events. People love photo booths because they have fun with them. If you also want to have some fun, don’t forget to check BluEdge Weddings out.

Cleanliness of the booths

Not only in photo booth shopping but in everything, you have to be sure of the cleanliness of the products. Some booths have been so overused that you can practically see the dust and the dirt in the cabin. The props that the photo booths contain to take fun photos with can be so disgusting sometimes. Nobody wants to use the Viking hat or the fake mustache that never cleaned once before. If you don’t want your guests to doubt your hygiene rules, check the booth thoroughly before buying.



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