Each couple is very sensitive to the preparation and organization of their wedding because such a day should be unique and be remembered with only pleasant moments. Half of the success of a wedding day is the choice of a good DJ, which sets the music and mood of the celebration. If you have several candidates in mind, and you have already previewed the host’s website, its portfolio, read reviews, and are ready for the first meeting, then it will be useful for you to find out which questions to ask the Wedding DJ. Collaboration with Wedding DJ for musical accompaniment gives an advantage in that the experience of such work creates complete understanding at what point of the composition should sound.

To meet with the DJ, choose a comfortable place to discuss crucial moments in a relaxed setting, for example, in your favorite cafe over a cup of tea, which will help you establish a friendly contact. 

So, today we will talk about what questions should be asked to the DJ at the meeting. In this article, we will list several questions, which you should ask your Wedding DJ.

You may get confused

Wedding DJ

DJ is important as a photographer at the wedding. Both of them should be chosen carefully. It is not surprising to get confused, so we need to figure everything out and first ask ourselves what exactly do we want to hear at the wedding, which song will sound on the first dance of the couple?

If you the answer know, then half the battle is done. If not, then perhaps it is worth taking a closer look at the person who will be responsible for musical accompaniment on your holiday. Can he/she do it? Does he/she have enough experience to pick up music for all those present, will he be able to choose from the whole variety precisely what is right for you?

All your answers to the questions should be received before the holiday, in advance, for then it will be too late to change anything. If a person answers your questions reluctantly, this is a reason to think. When on the contrary, it is clear that he/she is interested in your questions, like the work itself, then this is already good. A professional will always help with advice and based on his experience and suggest how to make one or another moment of the wedding better.

I will list just a few questions that at various issues should be asked, using these examples, you will understand what it is worth talking with a DJ for a wedding:

Do you sign the contract?

Wedding DJ

The signing of the contract speaks not only about the professional approach to work but also gives you guarantee that you will get precisely the result you expect.

Is your date free?

Find out if this person will come specifically to you at the event or his assistant if he cannot. If you make a prepayment, your date should be booked.

Does the DJ have experience at weddings?

This question is interesting because it allows you to understand who is in front of you more accurately. Professional or lover cut down the dough. A person who is passionate about this profession will be able to help you with advice, give an idea for a wedding.

Be sure to find out not only about the experience at events, but also specifically at weddings, because they have their specifics. If a Wedding DJ has been working for a long time, he/she indeed already visited the restaurant where your banquet will be and knows exactly how to get to it, the interior, the design of the room, the location of the future dance floor. If not, then you should ask, and a few days before the wedding, to come early because it will take more time to search for parking, install equipment and adjust the sound.

Are there examples of his/her work at weddings?

Examples of work – an essential factor that speaks about the professional approach of the DJ. You will need only 1-2 videos to form your opinion.

What music will be at the wedding?

Wedding DJ

Will the DJ’s repertoire be enough for the wedding where people of different ages and musical interests will be?

It is best not to try in advance to create a musical program for the evening. But the more information the Wedding DJ finds out now, the easier it will be for him to adjust to your wedding format later. Many DJs themselves are the first to ask these questions, specifying the age, the number of guests, to know in advance which playlist to make up for the wedding. You can ask the DJ for his promotional mix for your reference, this also helps in making the final decision.

What are the additional costs?

Now DJ keeps up with the times and has at their disposals stunning special effects apparatuses such as smoke machines, confetti, and bubble generators. And for a separate small surcharge, you can bring them to your dance floor. Your wedding will become more beautiful and dynamic, and photos more intense and exciting.

Sometimes the delivery can also be paid separately from the DJ rate. And of course, find out how much it will cost to extend the disco for an hour or two. It is also worth discussing in advance of your wedding.

Can you provide a DJ with your list of songs that you need to put on?

If you have specific wishes for the music, be sure to give the DJ a playlist.

Can you dress in the style of my wedding?

Do not be afraid to ask the Wedding DJ to match the nature of your event. T-shirt and jeans do not always fit the official celebration.

What are the DJ’s musical preferences?

Learn about the musical taste of DJ, great if you like similar musical groups and styles, then you will be on the same wavelength.

What compositions does the DJ offer for the first dance of the couple, background music, cake carrying, etc.?

Wedding DJ

If you have no thoughts on which songs to choose, the DJ can help you based on his experience.

Does the DJ bring their equipment?

Does he need help with unloading equipment? It is desirable that the DJ had an assistant so that you do not worry about this on your wedding day.

Where does a DJ need to work?

Is it enough just one outlet and a table, or do you need something else? It is advisable to show the hall in advance so that the DJ would advise where to place his equipment.

What kind of music is put on for fast dancing, which for slow?

It is advisable that you approve the main catchy songs that will sound during the evening so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

In conclusion

Perhaps you will have questions after all. BluEDGE Weddings is ready to answer all your questions. Feel free to ask your Wedding DJ as well, because your event depends on your decision, how it will pass and which impression you and your guests will leave.



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