Monogramming is a great way to add a personalized touch to your wedding day. At BluEdge Entertainment we take the decor very seriously and consider that it is a great way to add individuality to a ceremony. If you are looking for the best monogram in San Francisco, you are in the right place. Everything during the organization of a wedding should be well-thought and handpicked starting from the bride’s dress to music and planning all the little details for your wedding especially decor will make your wedding day even more memorable. The typical ones are the bride and groom’s first initials, their full names, and sometimes the date of the wedding. Monogram is widely used at royal weddings in San Francisco.

If you are looking for ideas, have a look at People’s magazine list of designs which were used by different royal families.

Depending on the design elements such as font, style, and colors, it can add different vibes to your wedding, it goes well with any design from vintage-inspired to modern, and elegant themed weddings.

In this post, we will talk about different ways of how you can use a monogram in San Francisco.


Monogram in San Francisco

The excitement for guests about the ceremony starts a couple of month before the wedding when you are sending out the invitations. Wedding invitations create the first impression and make sure you are starting it with style.  Decorate the invites with your initials. If you are going for an old-school method and posting letters to wedding guests think about adding customized seal on them. It will add a very classy effect!

Wedding Cakes

There are lots of ways of how you can personalize your wedding cake. The bride’s and groom’s initials can be crafted on a cake. If the design of the cake is so stunning that you do not even want to eat and have too many details, you can still customize the way the cake is presented, instead of the cake itself you can have a beautiful stand. If you want your wedding cake to look less formal and more playful cake toppers with your initials will do the job. Finding a place to monogram cakes in San Francisco would be an easy task.


Beautifully crafted napkins with the initials will look extremely classy and elegant on tables. If you are going for vintage plates, personalized napkins will be looking perfect on them. You can add them not only at fabric napkins but on paper napkins too. Those will be more suitable for the reception. We love the idea of decorating the chairs with flowers and a beautiful message.

Dance floor

Monogram in San Francisco

If you are all about “go big or go home” then you should be thinking about customizing the dance floor. While tailoring the dance floor, you can add your initials on it. A white marble floor with golden decals will look fantastic. You can also add your initials with the help of the projector and light effects, just another way to add your signature to the celebration. Check how our professionals use monogram lighting at BluEdge Entertainment and creating a personalized and stunning dance floor for our clients. We are providing all kind of services and are exceptionally proud of our lighting.

Photo booth

Personalizing photobooth with initials and the date of the wedding probably is one of the most widespread ideas at weddings. And that is not so surprising since the people who attend the wedding want to make sure they are taking souvenirs from the special day. You can add your wedding hashtag to the backdrop and make sure that you are not missing any photo and video from your wedding. Adding a monogram on the backdrop of a photo booth is a very popular trend, and weddings in San Francisco is not an exception. If you are looking for excellent wedding photo booth ideas, check out our blog post.


Oh, yes you can even monogram the drinks! Imagine welcome cocktails topped with your names or initials. This is a unique way to serve your drinks and kickstart the ceremony. But please do not add this as a last minute request because bartenders have to learn your design and practice it a lot, before serving the drinks to the guests. If crafting the actual drinks with initials is too much hassle, think about personalizing the stirrers.


Monogram in San Francisco

Sparklers are made to make wedding photos look magical. Luckily sparklers come in different shapes and styles, which allow you to use them at different moments of the wedding. And letter sparkler is just another way to add your stamp. Ask your bridesmaids to help you with sparklers, and they could form the bride and groom’s initials, different words and shapes. Just make sure it is something short, as much as sparkler writing can sound fun, at the same time it can be quite challenging.


If you are looking only a simple way to use it on your special day, then we recommend you to add it on the menu and seating chart. Instead of small individual menus, you can use a larger list and decorate it with your initials. Both of the signs can be placed at the entrance of the venue.


The way you exit the wedding is very significant and should be very memorable. The personalized wedding car is a great way to make a statement. Timeless “Just Married” sign and your combined initials on fabric at the back of the vintage car will look very elegant.  

Wedding favors

Monogram in San Francisco

Let your guests take home something beautiful. You can add your signature by using little tags with your names, tailored packaging with your initials or monogramming the actual wedding favor. This could be little initialed cookies or chocolate bars. Beautiful touch and a perfect way to say “thank you” to your guests for joining you to celebrate your love.

While you are planning your wedding, you want to make it as special and unique as possible. If you are planning to add them to different elements and decor, it is essential to keep consistency and incorporate the same design and font on everywhere, from invitations to the dancefloor. Also do keep in mind the time frame, personalizing your wedding decorations, outfits, invitations, accessories, food, and drinks is a great idea, but it can take quite a lot of time and also will affect your budget. Customizing a wedding can be quite expensive.

If you have a limited budget, our tip would be to turn it into an exciting DIY activity. We know you are too busy with all other things, but maybe your neighbor or even grandmother has exceptional skills and would love to help you with your wedding preparation. If you have time and passion, you can attend courses which provide lessons about how to monogram in San Francisco.

If you are all inspired and ready to show off your initials contact us and let us turn your ideas to reality. There are lots of places that do monogram in San Francisco, from bridal shops to dry-cleaning services. We will find the best designers and design your big day in the most beautiful way possible.


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