So, after the long-awaited phrase “Will you marry me? – YES!” here, finally, approaches your big day! The day you’ve fantasized a lot (Men, admit it, you do that, too (wink-wink)) is coming soon, however, you haven’t yet prepared. If the venue has not been decided or set, no DJ’s for weddings have been picked, or you have no idea on what to serve the guests at the wedding reception, keep calm as we are going to introduce to you the top wedding trends to keep up within California. Get a piece of paper and a pen ready to take notes and get inspired by the wedding trends in California. Here, we will share with you a checklist of traditional, extraordinary and unique wedding venues, bride and groom fashion styles, music and entertainment activities, including DJs for weddings.


Wedding Venue and Destination




You’d agree that one of the first wedding trends to take right away is a thorough search for the fantasy venue to hold this celebration and ceremony of love. Fortunately, unlike Emma and Olivia in the romantic comedy “Bride Wars,” who from sworn friends turned into sworn enemies over their dream wedding venue, there is no need to worry and fight over the best wedding ceremony and reception place, as the options are very diverse. Be it traditional or non-traditional places, the list of choices differ depending on the preferences of the couple, affordability, the number of guests, timing, and scenery.

Along with the traditional, or typical, wedding spots and destinations in California, like luxury hotels and resorts, be it Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa or Sea Island Weddings, there’s a rise in non-traditional spots to hold a wedding ceremony. These include:

  •    historical places with decent architecture;
  •    public venues like college campuses or libraries, the Harold Washington Library, for example;
  •    open-air destinations with a splendid view such as beaches or the Glacier National Park, or even caves;
  •    unexpected places to hold the ceremony such as stadiums;
  •    even booking a wedding reception spot at Airbnb.

Bridal and Groom Attires and Style

As they say, “Good clothes open all doors,” the top thing in the wedding trends list that engaged couples to care about the most – is to get their dream wedding dress or costume to look unique and feel admired on their special occasion in California.



For brides, the dress style varies from trendy romantic, royal-inspired up to bold futuristic styles. Be it elegant royal gowns with V-neck line, embellished tops, lace, and light veils, or a daring look with an asymmetric top and waterfall skirt, in either way, the jaw-dropping effect is guaranteed.

As for men’s wedding suits, the classic trends include a slim fit James Bond tuxedo, a navy three-piece costume. However, if you think groom attire styles are limited to classic tuxedos, you are way too wrong. The hottest fashion trends now include suits in white, or blue, with original accessories like sneakers, or even shorts suits.  

Do not forget about the fashionable looks for your lovely bridesmaids and groomsmen who will be there for you on your big day. As we used to see bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing attire with matched colors and of the same style, now the fashion trends dictate entirely different looks. Bridesmaids in gowns and groomsmen in tuxedos in print, mismatched but related colors and styles, still bring harmonious look and sophistication.  

Decorations and Lighting

After the venue is set, it is time to think about the next wedding trends – how to organize the venue decoration and lighting to create a unique ambiance. Considering the wedding reception place location, surroundings, and preferences, the options for adorning the spot may change from luxury, vintage to minimalist or even futuristic styles. When it comes to decorating a place to say “I do!” and to engage and entertain guests, create a cozy and romantic environment, ideas are endless here. The popular trends are personalized decors, moss walls, drapes all over the venue, flowers along the aisle, fun photo booths, etc.


What about a more unique experience like a flipbook? Or, hanging vintage frames?




Paper lanterns adding a fascinating look and sophistication are one of the hottest wedding trends, nowadays in California. Consider LED screens for wedding stage decoration, if you are into a techie style. And, definitely, no wedding decor without well-arranged texture lighting.


“Hey, Mr. DJ

Put a record on”

No wedding ceremony and party without music and dance, you’d claim, and you are absolutely right! From walking down the aisle, going on with the first dance and through to rocking under the beats of a DJ, it is quite a challenge to pick the right music, a band and DJ’s for weddings.

If you feel you lag behind trends, here we introduce to you some hints on trending music and dance options to consider.

  •    Processional and recessional songs, for sure, are the most touching and romantic music part of a wedding ceremony. Choices of music to consider are very diverse. So, for professional music and songs trendiest pieces are classical “Bridal Chorus” by Wagner (think also of the remake versions of the piece music), modern romantic songs like Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” or its beautiful instrumental version performed by The Piano Guys, Train’s “Marry Me”.

Among recessional music popular with American brides, we can list Mendelssohn’s grand “Wedding March” for a traditional choice, and Alicia Keys’ “No One” or Big & Rich “Lost In This Moment,” if you are more into modern pieces of music.  

  •    And, once the processional order is done, wedding toasts and speeches are said, there comes the most relaxing part of the occasion – a wedding reception. So, let’s get this party started with a mix of instrumental music and electronic music and dance.

Traditional instrumental string quartet pieces from Ludovico Einaudi’s repertoire will, indeed, be music to your guests’ ears.    

Speaking of dance and rhythmic music for receptions, too many options and decisions to make in picking up the right dance music will probably get your head dizzy. Fortunately, there are many services available in the “wedding service industry” that can give a hand in providing the best and popular dance music performed by DJs.

Bonus idea and tip for wedding trends in California:

  •    To add more dancing and clubbing ambiance to the event, have in mind LED lighted dance pools and LED walls. With these details, even the stiffest guest will not resist dancing to DJ’s music.  


Let the Feast Begin!

Admit that, probably, one of the enjoyable parts of the receptions are dining and having meals. Keep up with the hottest trends in serving meals at the receptions:

  •    More organic and fresh farm food is gaining popularity;
  •    Homemade delicacies, refreshing cocktails, and beverages;
  •    Drink trucks nowadays hit wedding receptions and bring much joy and fun;
  •    Fusion cuisine, exotic food having a moment, too;
  •    Non-traditional wedding cakes of geometric shape and exceptional structure and details.



Gifts for newlyweds

Though the presence and participation of family, friends and loved ones on the big day are more significant for newlyweds, gifts show affection and express dearest meaning for the couple. Depending on how well you know the couple’s preferences, your creativity, and budget, you may come up with a personalized gift choice. However, in case you feel stuck in figuring out the unique wedding gift, be informed of the wedding trends in California.   

  •    Personalized gifts will, definitely, get admired by the happy couple: tailored keychains with engraved names of the husband and wife to be, wine glass and sets, a handwritten marriage blessing prayer.
  •    Who said that traditional wedding gifts are boring, cliché and uninteresting? There is a reason why these gifts are still presented to the newlyweds due to their practicality, effectiveness, and functionality. Handmade kitchen utensils, bedding, and linen, a night in a hotel are the gifts the couple will cherish and remember for years. If you are more of a pragmatic view, then money will be an excellent option for the bride and groom, too.
  •    If you are more into fun and want the happy couple to be much happier, get inspired by a few of the following creative wedding gift ideas.




**60 hour Candle will make evenings for the couples magically romantic.

**Fun pillow cases and bed covers for the newly married couple are amusing gifts to get.

** Do not hide your talent, write your own song or stage a performance for the newlyweds on their occasion. Perform together with the DJ creating unforgettable moments and joy for the beloved.

**Or create a fun wedding photo album and a cartoon of the couple.


We are sure that these top wedding trends will spark inspiration to create an unforgettable and magical wedding day in California and bring more joy and authentic experience not only for you but to your beloved guests, as well.



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