The musical accompaniment of the wedding is crucial because it creates a mood not only for the guests but also for the bride and the groom. The selection of compositions in the playlist of your celebration should be taken seriously so that you have music associations with this happy day. Today, we offer you to get the best Wedding DJ in the Bay Area for the wedding and choose your compositions for all the highlights of the wedding day, when you can not do without accompaniment. And we will be your advisers and greatly facilitate your task – we have already found wonderful tracks, some of which will undoubtedly become (and maybe already have) your favorite love songs. The mission of a wedding DJ is to fulfill your dream of a perfect wedding reception in the Bay Area!






As practice shows, for newlyweds, the main problem when choosing music for a wedding is searching for a composition for a slow dance. A bride goes over a bunch of materials in search of that most cherished melody. Our advice – ask the groom for an opinion, it helps a lot.

After the song for a slow dance is selected, it is worth looking for a favorite song for the father and daughter dance. Judging by the tendencies that DJ have been observing for 3 years, this dance has become a cult, and some people approach it with particular trepidation. So the melody should be chosen soul. It always touches both the guests and the newlyweds themselves.


Formulate for yourself the average age of the guests who came to the event. If we suppose half the guests are young couples, friends and the remaining half – parents and relatives, whose age is higher you should pick up the kind of music that would fit both. If this succeeds, we assure you, it will be a big step towards great memories of the last wedding.

How to do this, the attentive reader will think. It’s simple: the main thing is to know the hits of that time. For example, knowing that the bulk of friends graduated from university in 2005, it is not difficult to guess that the main peak of a cheerful childhood was in the 1990s. And this is Michael Jackson, Madonna, 2Pac and other artists of that time.

Do not forget to alternate between slow and fast tracks. We do accelerations and monitor the mood of the guests during the event itself. It is essential to understand which song is better to put in the moment. This advice is more of a DJ, but still.

First Steps




At the reception, in addition to the background music at the time of the feast, the Wedding DJ in the Bay Area will put music to entertain guests and conduct traditional wedding rituals.

First dance

Every girl in childhood dreams about how she will spin in the first wedding dance in the arms of the groom to the sound of a romantic melody.

Indeed, a lot depends on the first dance. It is the first dance that opens the “wedding ball”. Beginning from bride and groom guests can join at the end of the composition.

The first dance has a symbolic meaning. It contains the joy of mutual love, sharing happy memories and experiences of young people. With the good choice of wedding songs that fit in with a special thrill – it should be “your” the only, unique song for good luck. There is no rigid framework because this is precisely your first dance.

The classic version is a waltz (Chopin, Strauss, Tchaikovsky). But remember, if you chose a waltz, you should practice it beforehand. On the eve of the wedding carve out a few hours to practice. Then the guests will surely cry out from tenderness, watching you.

Pay attention to how long the melody lasts (the best option is from 3 to 5 minutes). Then you will not get tired, and the guests will have time to turn on.

It is difficult to advise on specific tunes for the first dance, and everything is very individual.





Love and music throughout the centuries are inextricably linked. And, of course, what a holiday without music? Especially when it’s a wedding! The conclusion of the union of two loving hearts should not occur in deathly silence. Wedding DJ performs a very responsible mission for the receptions in the Bay Area. Therefore, it is much better if the appropriate occasion of music accompanies the occasional music of the lovers.

An experienced Wedding DJ will help bring variety and improvisation moment to your celebration, considering that guests often order music to their taste, but the list of works that will sound is still better to be made together with a professional, based on their musical preferences.

The main task when choosing music for a wedding is not to be an egoist, chasing fashion and allowing guests, especially the older generation, to dance to “unfashionable”, but popularly favorite music. For such dance moments, the ideal option is a potpourri and “mash-up”, when the songs are cut off and assembled in such a way as to achieve the most intense alternation of tracks without any extra parts and losses.

Live music will lend the wedding a special atmosphere. The penetrating sound of your favorite songs performed by a small ensemble of stringed instruments or an incendiary pop-jazz group cannot be compared with the sound of a single sound recording. An invited gypsy ensemble, a virtuoso pianist or a children’s choir will provide you with a lot of vivid musical impressions and pleasant memories in the future.

Live music will give new emotions and make the holiday unforgettable.

The wedding was a success!




There is special music that is well known to many of us and is rightly called the “golden fund” – this is the music that everyone knows. Music from films, ageless rock’n’roll and hits of foreign and domestic variety art from different years can lure even the most conservative and lazy “dancers” onto the dance floor. Thanks to the inclusion of such music, both newlyweds and guests can have fun, which is the main idea of any wedding.

Choose the right music and your holiday will undoubtedly take place! We are sure that you liked the playlist and turn your wedding into a real celebration! And further. Little advice, to understand how good Wedding DJ is, first meet several candidates, look at their portfolio and price list, understand the essence of their style and professional qualities. A good DJ will always ask for more information about the guests to make your holiday individual and unique. For more information, contact us. We wish you a successful choice of Wedding DJ in the Bay Area!


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