If you live in San Francisco and looking for wedding trends, then this topic is for you. Each year the trends are changed, and of course, there is no account for taste. Every couple dreams the best and unique matrimonial ceremony. Especially, brides are very exciting about new trends. There are two ways to organize a special day — one of them is to get professional help which could inform couples about individual wedding trends in San Francisco. Otherwise, you can handle everything by yourself. Actually, both of them have their pleasure. Can you imagine? After ten years you will remember that particular day and smile. So everyone wants to arrange that special day as much as exciting and unique. Every groom wants to see his bride happy and beautiful. So new brides-to-be always anxious about how to be elegant and trendy. If you are one of those just follow us.


The decoration is one of the essential elements of the wedding trends in San Francisco




Most of the couples try to copy the royal wedding’s statement. For example, amazing church entrance, tremendous and fresh color lighting & decoration and unexpected choices are some of them. In 2019, bright colors are expected to be in the trend. If you one of those who loves fresh colors, like emerald, turquoise or burgundy then we have great news for you. You could use these colors in anything, florals, dresses, linens and so on. But if you like pastel colors, we support you in this case. Although the intense color is attractive, you could create an elegant event with the help of pastel tints. Past few years were popular with pink and pink tints, but now the majority of couples opt for traditional colors. For example, gold and silver looks pretty and gives a classic look.

About 5-8 years ago most of the brides prefer to arrange weddings in the countryside, and barn wedding was favorite at that time. But now in 2019, we observe a different approach. Some brides want to mix traditional and modern pattern at the same time. So they opt for places like old factories and mills which looks unique and gives exciting experience.

So you can also organize such kind of wedding trends in San Francisco. It does not matter what kind of place you choose for the wedding – the most important thing is to feel amazing in that atmosphere. So if you want to organize your special day in an old mill do not hesitate just have fun and enjoy that atmosphere.

Follow wedding trends in San Francisco and do not forget about florals.

Florals make the matrimonial ceremony glamorous




Muted colors for bouquets were trendy about several years ago, but this year, in 2019, wedding planners expect to see bright, fresh colored boutique. According to the experts, the dahlias will be the main element of 2019 wedding boutique. With unique and colorful shape dahlias could be combined with different flowers. If you prefer other bright flowers than ranunculus and peonies might be another choice and these beauties are also part of wedding trends in San Francisco. As you see, the lack of uniformity and unique shape flowers are the trends of the year. In addition, you can use these flowers in your wedding decor or part of traditional centerpieces.

The light and bright decoration choice make you feel relaxed, comfortable and natural. Keep in mind that the exact combination always gets a high point. Besides, most of the guest love to remember that special day from your life and the majority of them take a picture. So you could hire a wedding planner or someone who can embellish the whole wedding ground. So even simple things could save your money, and you may follow wedding trends as well. Led walls also one of the unusual and creative choices for wedding and it makes you feel amazing.


Make your wedding inventive and do not forget about Wedding trends in San Francisco


Food is an inevitable part of the wedding ceremony, and without delicious meals and sweets, we cannot imagine a wedding party. Most of the people prefer typical buffet selection. Also, it is a good idea as people could choose their food and interact with each other. For self-service, you could opt for various delicious meals, like the seafood mix bar, tacos, pizza, and different type cocktails and beverage. On the contrary, you could choose sit-down dinners. This type of wedding receptions also popular in 2019 wedding trends.

As a newlywed, you could organize small and friendly gatherings or formal and ceremonial event. So it depends on you, and the number of guests also have to be taken into the account. If you invite a small number of people, then the sit-down gathering is more suitable. Otherwise, the buffet selection could be a great choice. Pay attention to the expenditure when choosing one of them and make your special day unforgettable. Actually, you can offer a different type of sweets and cookies as well.


Simple but exclusive – event branding and invitation suites




Can you imagine a wedding without a menu, napkins or any elements of event branding and invitation suites? Even today, in 2019 they keep being part of wedding trends. Most of the couples begin to search for the best event branding and invitation suites before the special day, as everyone wants to catch wedding trends. The elements of the invitation suites and brands might be own different style, geometric shapes, and colors.

These suites are something like a presentation of your wedding ceremony and a new stage of your life. So it makes them special and unique. Most of the people like to save these pieces like the memory of that day. Thus, invitation suites mean more than just a piece of paper. If you cannot find a suitable invitation sample or menu examples, then you can design it like you want to see those elements. For that, you have to pay attention to the details of your wedding and combine the whole view. As a wedding owner, you could show slides with pictures from your life which belongs to you and your partner. It might be the color of your wedding decoration.


DJs are always irreplaceable part of wedding trends 


Lighting, decor, food and other things are essential parts of the wedding ceremony, but the event cannot be so funny and enjoyable without a wedding DJ. DJ is not only a music person, but he or she is also the beating heart of the wedding. The matrimonial ceremony might be boring and dreadful without music. So among wedding trends in San Francisco DJs take a special place.

The experienced DJ could offer various types of music packages. For example, one of the wedding organization companies like BluEdge Weddings presents lots of choices like BluEdge exclusive. This package is for those who love Sci-Fi and technology and want to feel extraordinary. If you stick to the standard, then a basic package is an excellent alternative for wedding owner. Want to experience light and music combination at the same time, then the company offers led dance floor for you and your guests. Do not forget that you are the queen or the king of your event so let’s feel the main character of the ceremony. It is your day, and you deserve all the best.



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